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  1. well just give me space invaders then! thank you again and that will be it for me,i have enough games for now A HUGE THANKS 🕹💙🤘
  2. astroblast and space invaders for the 2600 please
  3. i'll take fallout 3 (360) and tennis (2600) please and thank you again
  4. mouse trap and dragster for the 2600 please
  5. i'll take laser blast and skiing for the 2600 please
  6. ill take stampede and jungle hunt (2600) 😊
  7. if you really want i'll let you have it
  8. stampede (2600) and d&d(intellivision) thank you 🕹🤘😊
  9. atlantis (intellivision) and metal gear(nes) thank you again
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