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  1. Dunno how I missed this, but that is both trippy and clever! I always loved the look of your engine. 😄
  2. Thank you all for the support, we have passed the 50% mark, and also have a (nearly) final rendering of the boxes. In addition to this, every copy will be shrink wrapped, we know how important this is to collectors and sellers, so we wanted to make sure this was done. Thank you everyone who has backed us, and anyone still on the fence, rest assured you are getting a great product.
  3. Let us end 2020 with a bang! Carrot Kingdom™ is finished, join us on Kickstarter, to make a physical run of cartridge, box, and manuals happen! Let Jinny physically make your 2600 the Purrfect console! Thank you for checking it out! Kickstarter Link
  4. I can login to Atari.io again! The other good news is, working on a new section to the game! 🙂 Jinny is surfing on lava!
  5. Yes should still be fine, I will go over it with a Clorox Wipe and clean it up a bit tomorrow, and plug it into my 7800 and give it a test. PM me your address and I can get a shipping quote. I just realized I probably need that haha. ^^;
  6. Here is the stick, after I dug it out. I will see how much for shipping. :3
  7. PushChocolat.mp4 Tease tease. (Push by Matchbox Twenty used non-profit, just for funsies.)
  8. A company out of Hong Kong or Taiwan I believe that had a distribution center in California. Thanks! It is a super neat item, really cool history and the most robust and well made of the N64 backup devices.
  9. Cyber Monday Bump! Added a bunch more images.
  10. Oh awesome Lance! Congratulations guys on another great release! I have been anxiously watching for this one. My next pay day I want to snag a cart for the A8. ❤️ Thank you guys for your hard work! It looks so fun!
  11. I am glad I earmarked this topic, these are now available for sale. Putting these on eBay as well, but they are discounted here.
  12. Check this out, it may be helpful. http://khryssun.free.fr/programming_code.html#Sources_Scrollings
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