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  1. Happy Holidays! I hope you and your families and loved ones remain safe and healthy during these trying times.

  2. Here's a little promo video ahead of tonight's episode of Retro With Marco:



    Bring your eggnog or preferred holiday beverage & stop on by at 9pm ET!




    See you then!

    1. HDN


      We just got some ‘nog from the store! I won’t be able to make your stream tonight but I will try to check it out in the future.

    2. Marco1019


      You are more than welcome to check out my stream with/without eggnog hahaha!

  3. Why, yes, I am spending my Sunday afternoon watching the 2020 Classic Tetris World Championship on Twitch!




    Spoiler Alert: We will have a new champion this year as 2-Time Champion, Joseph Saelee, lost in the 1st round of the Finals in 5 games.


    I will add that watching these young gamers take Tetris to new heights is truly fantastic!

    1. Marco1019


      The Finals are delayed for the moment due to a power outage...in Indonesia! You read that right! The only non-US player remaining, Nenu, is en route to a friend's house as I type this post. Arda Öcal, one of the hosts of the CTWC, just informed the Twitch viewers of this development.


      Oh, and Nenu's opponent in the Semifinals is PixelAndy. Why is this signifcant? The winner of this Semifinal will move on to the Final Match against...PixelAndy's brother, DogPlayingTetris!


      Sometimes these stories really do write themselves...

    2. Marco1019


      DogPlayingTetris, the #1 seed and all of 13 years old, found himself down 0-2 in the Final Match against PixelAndy - his 15-year-old brother.


      DogPlayingTetris stormed back to win 3 straight matches including a Game 5 thriller to win the 2020 CTWC!

  4. The documentary Insert Coin, in which Midway is the focus, premieres tomorrow (November 25) on-demand. Here's an article from Polygon, who will also host a special panel on November 29:




    The special panel will feature Eugene Jarvis, Mark Turmell, Ernest Cline, and director Joshua Tsui.


    There's more info on the documentary website -- https://www.insertcoindoc.com/

    1. socrates63


      😮 I had no idea that Midway was an American company until just now. Thanks for bringing the video to our collective attention. 

  5. It doesn't look like I'll be able to get in on the current Challenge for Elevator Action. I'll likely wait for the next game to see whether I jump in. I'll have more time; the EverythingC64 Forum Challenge this month is Boulder Dash and I was never really good at that game.


    If you have a few minutes to spare today around 3pm ET, then I would welcome your presence on my Twitch channel for the replay of my show. It even features VHS footage! (Not mine, but there is VHS footage. Really lol.)

  6. Happy Halloween! I hope you all take advantage of the extra hour later tonight. (Sure, it means it'll get dark after lunch time, but that's a small price to pay.)


    There's a lot of gaming going on as well! The Classic Tetris World Championship (CTWC) begins today with a new and unique format. The Kong League wraps up its month-long Head2Head competition. The European Speedrun Association (ESA) is holding their Break The Record marathon while Speedrun.com hosts their 24/7 Speedrun Variety event. In addition, RetroGamingLiveTV is sticking to the holiday theme with their Halloween Horror Marathon!


    Lest we forget this site which is wrapping up the latest Squad Challenge for Demon Attack!


    It's going to be long and fun weekend for gaming. Enjoy!

  7. The Episode 44 REPLAY of Retro With Marco will air later today at 3pm ET / 7pm GMT on Twitch! I'll be in the chat with some commentary on last night's slow which featured the following:

    1. Scoring and speedrun shoutouts, including a first for Super Mario 64 for the N64
    2. Updates on the MAME Gaming League (MGL) and the 2600 High Score Club
    3. A quick look at Variety Gaming Alliance and their charitable efforts

    Stop on by and get caught up on the some of the latest news in retrogaming!




    See you then!


  8. I just posted to the Community Calendar. I hope I adhered to the posting rules. Please contact me with any corrections or questions you may have.


    Also, I'd like to confirm that the calendar is in accordance with our respective time zones. I'm in CA so my show tonight would go live at 6pm PT / 9pm ET. I'm hoping those in other time zones can see it listed correctly.

    1. Justin


      Great to have you sharing your events to our Community Calendar @Marco1019 😎

  9. If you're working from home and need a break around 3pm ET today, then stop on by my Twitch channel for the Episode 42 REPLAY of Retro With Marco! I gave some shoutouts to several new scoring and speedrun world records, and I took a look at Super Mario 64 for the Sega Dreamcast. I'll be in the chat following along.


    In addition, I took a quick look at Robbie Lakeman's new Donkey Kong world record....which he just so happened to beat again while I was streaming! (I learned of it after the show; you can click here for the stats on his new WR.)




    See you then!

  10. Is the Calendar open to all members? If so, then may I place my show on the calendar?

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Justin


      @Marco1019 All members are welcome to post retro-related events to the calendar, and you're a member so that means you ☺️ We want to support your show in any way possible. Also, Rick is being humble he's a Constable and can throw people in chat-jail.

    3. Marco1019


      I noticed that, which is why I still waited LOL 😉

    4. Marco1019


      @Justin Also, is the time zone set to a particular zone or does it reflect where I'm based?

  11. For those who enjoy friendly high score challenges like the ones held here at atari.io, EverythingC64 also holds a monthly challenge for fun! A different game is selected from a poll and gamers then take their best shot at the high score for the month.


    This month's game is Jumpman by Epyx. The deadline is midnight GMT (I think; the site owner lives overseas) on August 31.


    September's game will be announced very soon.


    EverythingC64 is also on Discord so you can chat with other gamers and C64 enthusiasts.

  12. Intellivision Master started Astrosmash record run yesterday morning at 8am ET. After 13 hours of gameplay, he not only beat the scoring record, he finished with a Peak Score of just over 5 million!



    Screen Shot 2020-06-13 at 6.25.24 PM.png

  13. A recent WR slipped through the news cycle with nary a mention:


    Back on May 23, Danielle Robbins scored 24,119,640 on Flicky at Galloping Ghost Arcade. The record run was streamed and recorded on the arcade's Twitch channel. Danielle's score is believed to be the highest score for both Arcade and MAME. (The MAME record is 13 million.)


    You can check out the record run here:


  14. After a few non-gaming days & a bit of clean-up, I have completed my feature video on Greg Sakundiak and his perfect Pac-Man arcade run. This video posed some unique challenges for me as I usually edit highlight/shoutout videos for my show. Nonetheless, this was a lot of fun to create. Enjoy!



  15. Here's a show update, of sorts...


    Starting this Tuesday night at 9:30pm ET, I will be joining Michael Sroka of Settle It On The Screen! The show will be part recap of the latest episode of Retro With Marco (which will precede the new show) and part discussion about various retrogaming topics. It will be unscripted and a departure from my own show format.


    Michael and I have talked about collaborating and we're looking forward to our new venture.


    So we hope you will tune in this Tuesday night at 9pm ET for Episode 34 of Retro With Marco...




    Followed by a new episode of Settle It On The Screen at 9:30pm ET...




    See you then!

  16. It's been a very busy stretch for me at work so I'm late with this bit of breaking news:


    Greg Sakundiak joins exclusive list of gamers to play a Perfect Pac-Man as he scored 3,333,360 on the game's 40th anniversary!



  17. Episode 33 of Retro With Marco is live at 9pm ET! I’ll have new WR shoutouts, Robotron 2084 for the Atari 2600, plus a look at MAME Chronicles - a unique MAME collaboration. Stop on by in the chat!



  18. Here’s my latest Shoutouts video ahead of Episode 33 of my show. This video features some new WRs including two records set within a few hours of each other, a record which broke a decade-old mark, and another new record which netted a $100 bounty! The video runs about 4:20 which is perfect for your coffee break. Enjoy!



  19. Here's a 4 minute Breaking News segment back on May 5 for my show. It features Nondrowsy breaking his Pole Position II record for the Seaside track.



  20. Congratulations to GregDeg who not only set a new WR for Atari 2600 Venture, but netted $125 to boot! GregDeg set the new record with a score of 40,000. The bounty itself was announced this past Friday night, April 17.

  21. Now that I can access this site again, here's my update:

    I have continued to stream my show on Twitch despite Internet issues (likely because most people have been working from home). In fact, Episode 31 will stream next Tuesday, April 21 at 9pm ET. To that end, I have also taken to creating Shoutout videos between episodes in order to highlight new scoring and speedrun records that I may have missed.


    Here's my latest video which runs four minutes and features new records for MAME, Colecovision, N64, NES, Atari 2600, and Commodore 64:


    I have started uploading show segments to my Vimeo account so that they can be viewed smoothly and without skipped frames. I'll share those links here now that I'm back here. There's a bunch of new records being set along with news from across retrogaming and it's fun to discover and share my findings.


    There was a rise in bounties across various games (Super Mario 64, Zoo Keeper, Doom, among others) and I decided to create one for Ms. Pac-Man for the Commodore 64. I chose this version because I found it to be unusually difficult, more so than other versions I played previously. It was a two-tiered bounty: $75 for a score above 75,000 and $100 for beating my then-WR of 102,660. (I would beat my score with a run of 104,560 but I didn't adjust the bounty parameters. My aim was to encourage gamers & not dangle a proverbial carrot.) The $75 bounty was claimed by S.BAZ in late February with a score of 82,760, and the $100 bounty was claimed by Francoisadt with a new WR score of 106,120. Congratulations to both gamers!


    Both gamers confirmed that the C64 was the toughest version they had played, and Francoisadt provided some good analysis in a TG post.


    I hope everyone and their loved ones are safe during these trying times.

  22. I still cannot access this site from a laptop/desktop browser. Firefox & Chrome both block this site while Safari just hangs in place. While I'm writing this update from my phone, I'd much rather access this site from my laptop. Any suggestions?

    1. Justin


      Brave browser works fine once you click past the warning screen. Or click "Details" then "visit this unsafe site" to continue on Firefox & Chrome. Be sure to catch up with our latest update here: 


    2. Marco1019


      I just returned & I'm back via Firefox & your instructions. Thanks!

  23. Super Mario Land for the SNES!


    More info here, courtesy of RetroRGB:



  24. I've been around but unable to visit this particular site recently. Firefox prevented access and gave me a warning that this site would install malicious software or something like that. I tried Safari & Chrome but to no avail. I'm here now, though, so I'm confused as to what happened.

    1. RadioPoultry


      Hi Marco! The non-forums part of the site has been having some security issues lately. See this thread:


      It brings up a warning for even the forums much of the time. When I use my phone browser no warnings appear, so that's how I've been using the site lately. 

  25. I hope those who are in California are safe from the fires that continue to rage throughout the state. The winds appear stronger this year, making it more challenging for firefighters to contain the fires.

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