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    Marco1019 got a reaction from RickR for a calendar event, Retro With Marco - Episode 49   
    Happy New Year to all!
    Episode 49 of Retro With Marco will stream live on Twitch! There will be scoring and speedrun shoutouts, including a look at the run that broke the longest standing Mario Kart 8 Deluxe record. I will also take a look at the remake of Rescue on Fractalus (with a nod to @RickR who posted the video recently) and a look at a new C64 shooter from Sarah Jane Avory titled Soul Force!
    I will also recap a few high score challenges that are open to all!
    See you then!
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    Marco1019 got a reaction from HDN for a calendar event, Retro With Marco - Episode 43   
    Tune in to Retro With Marco, your retrogaming recap show! I'll take a look at some new scoring and speedrun world records, along with a look at the new Galloping Ghost Arcade documentary. Plus, a peek at a remake of The Empire Strikes Back for the Commodore 64.
    Episode 43 will stream live on Twitch tonight at 9pm ET / 6pm PT!
    If you can't make it tonight, then catch the replay tomorrow at 3pm ET / 8pm BST for our friends across the pond. I'll be in the Twitch chat during the replay with additional commentary.
    See you then!
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