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  1. My first car was a 1985 Audi Quattro. They were great cars. BBC's Ashes to Ashes made the Quattro look extra cool
  2. Happy Birthday, David Byrne.

  3. Thoughts: Where would the collector world be without clear plastic tubs?
  4. I plan to spend the entire weekend playing Millipede. That spider better get his ass out of the way because we're coming like the tanker truck after Dennis Weaver in Duel!

    1. greenween


      Great game and movie!! I remember watching it on television for the first time when I was a kid!


  5. Bad tech gets you nowhere.

  6. I like this blogging thing. I just started one too. Followed yours, good luck greenween!
  7. The next episode of Discovery Channel's MythBusters — the show in which rumors, urban legends and myths are tested with a scientific approach — will explore an aspect of video games that most first-person shooter fans take for granted. The question the show will attempt to answer is: "Is it possible for someone to lug around a half-dozen guns, grenades, a chainsaw and a bunch of health packs, while also fending off demons from Hell (or their closest equivalent)? "Using id Software's Doom games — specifically Doom 3 BFG Edition — as a template, MythBusters' Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman will do their best to bust myths about first-person shooters. In a video posted to Bethesda Softworks' YouTube channel, the publisher says that id Software creative director Tim Willits will aid Savage and Hyneman in their Doom experiment. Bethesda says Willits will help their research team "recreate a Doom level in real life." The Doom episode of MythBusters airs this Saturday, Jan. 31 at 9 p.m. ET on Discovery. Perhaps Bethesda will use the show to give us an update on Doom 4, which we last heard about at QuakeCon this past July, or at least the latest on the promised Doom 4 beta. SOURCE: Bethesda Blog
  8. Hope everybody had a great holiday and a wonderful new year!

  9. Stunt Cycle is one of my all-time favorite Atari products! You didn't see a lot of knock-offs like you did with Pong, and it had what felt like real bike handles. I also thought the switches were a hint at what was to come on the VCS. Honestly I think it would have been cool to have a Stunt Cycle controller for the 2600 with some bike games.
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