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  1. HUGE improvement. What's amazing is like the original, DINTAR816 has kept this to just 4k. The sound alone is incredibly accurate. The discontinuity of an enthusiast achieving a beautiful game of this quality in just 4k, and Atari's approval of Tod Frye's rushed 4k Pac-Man for which he was given a million dollar check ($2,881,468.45 today) shows us the "Ship By Christmas" behavior pattern that created the conditions for games like Pac-Man and E.T. to ship as they did. That sort of blind marketing-driven culture ultimately is what killed Atari and destroyed the video game industry. This new version of Pac-Man proves the point that Atari could have done far better had they cared enough about their product. Here's a look at the game: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=clddb79LQcM H/T www.randomterrain.com I'm attaching the bin as well. pacman2600_4k_sl.bin
  2. Technology? Science? Tomorrow? I want to go to there.
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