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  1. My first car was a 1985 Audi Quattro. They were great cars. BBC's Ashes to Ashes made the Quattro look extra cool
  2. This is a very good talk, and only 13 mins long. The speaker provides a great explanation of the Atari 2600's features and limitations, and the speaker talks about different patterns used in developing 2600 games.
  3. I think my passion for gaming comes from some adhd part of my brain where I get in the zone of flow and have to keep going and those brainwaves going for as long as they want to. I tend to play 80s / 90s arcade games that require constant response and keep my brain going to where I almost zone out. Whether it's Robotron, Gradius III, Out Run, Space Harrier, whatever, it's a constant GO! GO! GO! where you just cannot stop for one second. I'll play other games, adventure fighter games like Golden Axe, but those games are relatively calm. You walk around, attack a few guys, take a break to collect some power-ups and wander forward. Not to say that those games are easy, but your brain is operating on different waves. So for me it's always been about getting into the zone of flow and triggering that state of mind as if it were a nutrient for my brain.
  4. HUGE improvement. What's amazing is like the original, DINTAR816 has kept this to just 4k. The sound alone is incredibly accurate. The discontinuity of an enthusiast achieving a beautiful game of this quality in just 4k, and Atari's approval of Tod Frye's rushed 4k Pac-Man for which he was given a million dollar check ($2,881,468.45 today) shows us the "Ship By Christmas" behavior pattern that created the conditions for games like Pac-Man and E.T. to ship as they did. That sort of blind marketing-driven culture ultimately is what killed Atari and destroyed the video game industry. This new version of Pac-Man proves the point that Atari could have done far better had they cared enough about their product. Here's a look at the game: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=clddb79LQcM H/T www.randomterrain.com I'm attaching the bin as well. pacman2600_4k_sl.bin
  5. Technology? Science? Tomorrow? I want to go to there.
  6. One of my favorite summer memories is getting a 2600 for my birthday. School had only been out a week or two when I got it. My friends and I played it all summer long. I mowed lawns and did chores around the neighborhood, collected cans to recycle, and saved up money so that every few weeks I could go to Sears or Childrens Palace and get another game. That summer was dominated by Space Invaders and lemonade.
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