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  1. Using my LTO Flash! cart to play a Burgertime hack on my Super Video Arcade.
  2. I am looking forward to new digital releases. I bought a physical copy of Shark Shark 2 (board and box) for $50 but really just wanted the rom for $10. This was before I had the LTO Flash!. Moving forward I can now get these digital games.
  3. I got it working! I unzipped the files to int but forgot to drag them from the left to right in the application. All good now.
  4. So far this is working, you're the best! But what files go onto the cart? I downloaded 7z files which don't seem to work.
  5. I tried last night but the lto application wasn't recognizing the cart. I connected it to my laptop and would hear the notification that something was connected but didn't see the cart in my documents. I'll try that virtual port. Thanks!
  6. Here's gameplay and commentary of Ms. Pac-Man for Atari Lynx played in Retro Pie with a Hyperkin Trooper 2 2600 USB joystick which I made a video about last week. Each maze starts off slowly then picks up speed, even the later mazes get off to a slow start. Is that normal of this game or is it just the rom? @btbfilms76
  7. The packaging is high quality. I'll add some games to mine over the weekend too.
  8. In this video I take a look at the LTO Flash cart that arrived yesterday. And I ask, where's an HD Intellivision clone console already?
  9. Stargate is the sequel to Defender and on the 2600 utilizes both controllers. The left controller is used to maneuver and shoot while the right is for smart bombs, hyperspace, and invisibility. Kind of tough using both controllers but the game looks and sounds awesome.
  10. A quick video I made of a USB powered 2600 joystick by Hyperkin called Trooper 2. This is for PC/MAC or Raspberry Pi. I'm using it to play Pac-Man games in Retro Pie.
  11. I got my copy of Dead Tomb today! Here's a quick video going over the box, cartridge, and manual.
  12. I did a live stream of Fight Night and uploaded the video to YouTube. Some comical moments in this but overall the game is pretty bad.
  13. Klax, the last Atari 2600 release is a very cool game!
  14. Wacko from 1982 on the Midway Arcade Treasures 2 collection for PS2.

    1. socrates63


      Wacko! Never heard of it , but it looks like my type of game. I have the Midway Arcade Treasure series on the PS2, but of course, I haven't played it yet 🤦‍♂️

  15. A quick 3 minute video where I ask about mobile games on the Amico. Seems they're looking to bring mobile into our living rooms with a multi-player experience. Will it work?
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