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  1. Here's a great title for #cibsundayย in terms of gameplay and packaging. Control the mother kangaroo by hopping over platforms and climbing ladders to save her baby while avoiding apple throwing monkeys. I played this in arcades as a kid and really enjoyed it although I didn't get very far. It was one of those games with so many different sounds, bright colors, and lots of things going on at once. This 2600 port does a really good job of delivering the same sort of action and looks pretty good, I think, although it's far from the arcade. I really like the artwork and fold out instructions too.







  2. I had a tooth extracted today. Goodbye tooth number 16. I'll try to be more focused on number 3 over the weekend. Stranger Things 3, Dragon's Lair III, and Day of the Dead, the third film in George A. Romero's trilogy. These show up in Stranger Things in case you missed it. Weekend's looking better.


  3. T.G.I.F.! Here's a new favorite of mine. White Water! for Intellivision from 1983 by Imagic. It's also compatible with my Sears Super Video Arcade. This game has two different modes. In the first mode you shoot the rapids and race to the finish line without losing your men. It's sort of like bumper boats. In the second mode you steer towards a white sandy shore then run into the forest where you play the riches ritual against one of the natives. You take turns capturing flags, after the final flag is caught you each race for a golden urn. After picking up three urns you have a chance at a valuable treasure chest. But you must play by the rules and alternate capturing flags or the Big Kahuna will become angry and throw tomahawks at you. I'll record some gameplay over the weekend so you can see more of this awesome game.


  4. Here's some Shark! Shark! for Intellivision. One of my favorites.

    1. Justin


      Shark! Shark! is one of my favorite games to play on Intellivision. It's a great original idea. I bought Deep Blue on TurboGrafx-16 back in the day thinking it would be an update of a similar idea, it was nothing of the sort and I was disappointed.ย ๐Ÿฆˆ

    2. GoldenGalaxiesGaming


      I'm not familiar with Deep Blue but I'll check it out anyway.

  5. Here's Pac-Man for Intellivision from Atari Soft. This is played on a Sears Telegames Super Video Arcade going to a little Sony Trinitron. My favorite old-school port of the game.

    1. RickR


      I love that version too.ย  It's interesting how Atari used the same box-art and manual-art as the horrible 2600 version, yet they made this one more arcade-perfect.ย 

  6. I have 99 problems but don't feel bad for me, son. Because this game along with Word Fun was gifted to me by someone on Instagram! Thank you.
  7. Video I recorded at Too Many Games 2019. Most of it is in the arcade with the machines and vintage computers.
  8. Video I recorded on the floor of Too Many Games 2019. Most of it is in the arcade with the machines and vintage computers.
  9. Some really good choices in there. NES Classic is a good idea, Excitebike has always been one of my top favorites!
  10. Someone on Instagram created this tag #20gamesorless - the idea is to pick your 20 must haves or less whether they're great games or meaningful in some way. Or what if you were stranded on a deserted island, with power of course, that sort of thing. You can pick games for any console or mix and match systems but I just went straight up with Atari 2600 today... have you even played Atari today? The guy who started the tag went with 2600 too and some of our titles are the same. These are some of my favorites and I would recommend them to newbies. If I were building an Atari Classic Mini these would be in there. What are some of yours?
  11. I'm going to live stream some ColecoVision games tonight on my Instagram page. These are some titles I might play. Watch if you can. โœŒ @GoldenGalaxiesGaming
  12. Good stuff right here! ๐Ÿ‘ These were actually $2 at my local Grocery Outlet.
  13. NES Baseball Stars $5 Batman $7 Jackal $6 Ninja Gaiden II $9 TMNT $5 SMB/Duck Hunt with manual $7 Shipping should be about $5 but I'll get an exact amount from the post office. Thanks!
  14. ColecoVision Games Rough labels on Zaxxon, DK Jr., and Lady Bug buy they all work. $3 each Bottom right Lady Bug in nice condition $5. Shipping should be about $5 but I'll get an exact amount from the post office on Monday. Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks!
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