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  1. The score I submitted here was 43,950 and I finished in 5th place but in this video I didn't score as much. I still wanted to share some tips while promoting atari.io. If you're watching on your phone just rotate the screen to watch it vertically.
  2. Super Action Football from 1983 lets you kick punts, field goals, and extra points. Recover fumbles, score safties, or pull a blitz and sack the quarterback. Helmet not included. It's good to see football is starting this weekend. But why does the photo of the overlay on the back of the box look different than what's actually included?
  3. I got 43,950 and maybe stage 15 but I'm going for 50K. Ships are worth more points in flight but the main thing is to shoot the emissaries first, the purple ones. And you can sort of steer the direction they move by positioning yourself so they fly back towards you. Once you get rid of them the green ships are easy and slow moving. When you see the red escorts shoot them first followed by the white flagship. It's not easy to do but it gives you 800 points. I really focus more on the purple guys then shoot everything else whether it's in flight or not.
  4. I take the purple guys out first which makes it easier to survive.
  5. This machine is a Partycade my family bought for my birthday from HSN. It includes Pac-Man, Dig Dug, Galaga, and Galaxian. I believe it was $219. I couldn't afford it on my own either but if you can save it is worth it!
  6. So close to getting 100K. Rotate video to watch vertically.

    1. HDN


      I can feel your pain there. Bubble Bobble.

  7. So close to 100K. Rotate video to watch vertically.
  8. I've been subscribed to your YouTube channel and participated in the Pole Position 2 challenge. Wish I had joined in sooner for a better score but I have a year to practice!
  9. It was my first time playing this even though I do own the cartridge, just don't have a 7800 system. I played about 10 games and learned I need to put more time into this for a better score. I won't have time to submit another score but it does give me plenty of time to practice for 2021! I finished with 31,750.
  10. Galaxian Arcade 1Up Partycade. Rotate the video to watch vertically full screen on your phone. Really like this machine and this game is always a challenge.
  11. I've watched 3 episodes so far and really enjoy it. The music and narration by Charles Martinet are great. I like the topics they cover and how they switch back and forth between locations in the United States and Japan. When a new topic begins or a person is introduced they don't give you info on where the story is heading but as it unfolds and becomes clear I find it very interesting.
  12. Galaxian Arcade 1Up Partycade. Rotate the video to watch vertically full screen on your phone. Really like this machine and this game is always a challenge.

  13. Yes, good eyes! That was a bonus item sent to me. So cool!
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