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  1. Whelp I just finally got myself an Atari Lynx! Not the best physical condition but it works. Gonna try to repaint the case, I think. It's the first model type. Not the more compact model 2. 

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    2. Justin


      Welcome to the Lynx Kids Club @RockyRaccoon! Of course I'm biased but I grew up with the Lynx and it's always been my favorite handheld. I had the Model II which is a little thicker than Sega Game Gear but it never occurred to me at the time "oh this is too big". I'd have it on Summer vacation for long rides in the car and it was always very comfortable to hold for long periods of time. The graphics and sound for its time were unbeatable in a handheld, and most of the games are pretty decent. Great pickup! :atari_lynx:

    3. RockyRaccoon


      I never owned one. But I remember the displays in Toy's R Us. I asked for one for Christmas once, but at the time it was a dying system, and my dad was tech savvy enough to know when a platform was on the way out, which the Atari Lynx was at the time, and didn't wanna leave me with a system that I'd be unable to get games for easily in a few months or even a year from then. I ended up with a Gameboy instead- which had a much longer life I suppose. 

    4. Atari 5200 Guy

      Atari 5200 Guy

      Welcome to the Lynx Club as Justin already mentioned.  My first handheld was GameBoy, like yourself, which did get a longer life and better support.  I did not know anything about the Lynx, or Jaguar for that matter, until long after their production run had ended.  I only knew of Lynx after a bunch of unsold products turned up at a local game buy/sell/trading store in my home state.  I traded off a then-modern 32-bit system and a few games to pick up a Lynx II, carrying case, and a few games.  I don't regret doing it but had to go back after an A/C adapter to power the thing.  I simply could not afford to keep the Lynx in AA batteries.  The games I got were Joust, A.P.B., and it came with California Games (not my favorite sadly).

      The Lynx II I have now is not that one.  I have no memory of what every happened to it.  I got that same California Games (uh...sorta like Combat on the 2600...easy to find), Batman Returns, Warbirds (high recommendation), and Blue Lightning (gotta get this one if/when you can).  In my opinion Lynx was the better handheld system.  Unfortunately for the time it was all about the games and GameBoy simply got the titles people wanted to play thanks to the NES.  They could finally take Mario, Contra, Castlevania, and others, with them.  Who would want to play Checkered Flag when you could play Super Mario Land?  That's basically how it was.  Also, GameBoy was everywhere, Lynx was no where.  A shame, too, because the Lynx is a really remarkable system.  Look forward to seeing pics of your Lynx once you get it repainted.

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