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  1. If anyone cares, I was Atari/Warner's Manager of Global Real Estate. I have all the lease abstracts from everywhere in the world Atari had real estate and detailed stories about famous and not-so-famous buildings. Ultimately, when Trammel bought part of the business and the properties and turned the company into a cottage, family-owned business, I was the one that sold, leased, sub-leased and otherwise disposed of all 8,000,000 s.f. of Atari's property. Very little of it was taken by Trammel, so I signed a two-year contract with Warner to dispose of the global portfolio. I have news articles, floor plans and rental numbers for anyone interested. I am now an old man the all this stuff goes to the dumpster when I die unless someone wants it and will take care of it. Could that be you? Let me know. Atari.pdf
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