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  1. I switched the video channel selector from 2 to 3 and it improved slightly so I think I might have a dirty switch. I also ordered a RF specific video cable so I’m hoping that clears things up. There are other devices around it so it may be picking up interference from those. Thanks for your help. 

  2. I recently picked up a 2600 Jr (large rainbow) to complement my light sixer. However upon hooking up the Jr I noticed the video output was considerably more fuzzy and grainy than my sixer. I’m using a standard RCA audio cable and tried both sides of it (red and white) with the same result. I’m feeding to my flat screen via RF to coaxial adapter the same way I did with the sixer but the sixer output is crystal clear. I’m wondering if I need to try a different cable or is this just a trait with the Jr. 

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