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  1. Thank you everyone for your help. I have cleaned to connector pins in the cart and the cartridge port with a little 91% isopropyl alcohol without any success. Also, my copy appears to be an NTSC version and not PAL as far as I can tell. I think my last resort would have to be to fully open the cart up and see if all of the leads are connecting to the pins or see if there are any broken solder joints on the board of the cartridge. But I don't plan on doing that until I find a fully functional copy to replace this one. whenever I do open it up, I'll be sure to post pictures and keep you guys updated. And again, thank you.
  2. Hello everyone, I'm still fairly new to collecting for the 2600, but i've been loving so far. I recently purchased Yars' Revenge for the 2600. The game boots up and plays well, but there is absolutely no sound. I'm wondering what could be causing this. Could it be something that went bad in the cart itself? All of my other game carts that I own don't have this issue.
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