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  1. They usually put them out on Blu Ray, but I am not sure when Amazon will produce the Blu Ray. I was really interested in Doom Patrol, but didn't want to pay for a streaming service just for one show. I ended up buying the Blu Ray and am really happy with that!
  2. December 13 Amazon Prime will stream the season 4 of one of my favorite shows "The Expanse". I watched the first season on Blu Ray, but watched season 2 and 3 as they came out on SyFy (who unceremoniously canceled the show). I thought I set up a discussion on the show and I may put some comments as I watch the new episodes. Oh, and there will be spoilers. I would recommend watching the show and I think it will become a sci fi classic in future years. The first season gets going quickly, but also builds a great background of about 200 years in the future. Season 2 kinda drags in the beginning but picks up in the end, and the third season is nearly perfect for every Sci Fi fan whether you are a Trekie or a Star Wars fan.
  3. I recently decided that my next retro console purchase will be an Atari Lynx. I know the screen can be a problem sometimes, but are any suggestions when buying? What upgrades are worth it?
  4. Don't get me started about the Vikings....I could start a whole new forum to talk about them.
  5. Hello, Atari Forums! I am new to this site and just wanted to give a little info about myself. I am a retired Air Force vet that decided to return to run the family farm in Carrington North Dakota. Everything they say about Nort Dakota is pretty much true, so I encourage any mocking of being cold and love to hear Fargo quotes! I started retro collecting when I bought my Sega Saturn in 2014 and now am looking to expand my Atari collection. I am not a completionist but buy the games I find interesting to play. I am currently on a quest to complete Super Ghost and Ghouls, and it is going horribly, but I am having fun. I also love movies and sports SKOL Vikings! Thats all. LS Greger
  6. I get an email update from them, so I will update. They don't do a kickstarter or indegogo, but they keep their production limited. And good luck finding one second hand at a decent price.
  7. Yeah, those cases alone are worth a lot of money. I think they actually used Pelican cases with precut foam for their rental. Amazing find in the wild!
  8. I just found out about this game so I am late to the party. Here is a cool link I discovered about the development of the game by the creator. https://www.harmlesslion.com/text/Dragons Lair on the TI-99_4A.pdf
  9. Oh I am looking forward to this show. It looks interesting with the last two trailers. Jeri Ryan, Brent Spinner, Jonathan Franks, and Marina Sirtis are gonna reprise their roles just from the last trailer.
  10. I am a basic guy with my hot sauce. My son and I love Franks Red Hot. Whenever we need a spicy shot or especially with pizza. I add it before I pop it in the oven.
  11. When everyone shows me their goodwill finds, this is how I feel!
  12. Thanks for doing this. I always have a soft place in my heart for kids who need help. Hope you meet your goal!
  13. Oh, I love some video pinball. I am fortunate that we have a place in Fargo where they have a pinball collection to play, so I always stop by and play some games when I can. I haven't jumped into owning a pinball machine yet. I don't really have the room and I am kinda intimidated with the upkeep of an older machine.
  14. While I have an appreciation for all things Atari, I also love to sit back and play some pinball from time to time. In late 92 early 93, I was stationed in Witchita Falls for my AF Tech Training as a jet mechanic. Well at first, we were restricted to the dorms but they had a small arcade. This was when Mortal Combat was huge so everyone crowded around that machine. In the corner I found two pinball machines and became obsessed with them. They are still my favorite tables to this day!
  15. Oh yeah, The cards have all the original artwork from the books. I am not sure if it is a word for word copy of the book overall, but it pays homage to the artwork and humor of the book.
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