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  1. Mark Cerny, the lead hardware engineer of both the PS4 and PS5 was one of the individuals who worked on that game.
  2. It's a shame the Jaguar will forever be one console we'll never know what it's capable of when pushed to its limits.
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    That shirt is great, I'm a massive fan of Bedtime Stories. It's by far my favorite project from Time and Eric. I have the Angel Man poster from season 2 myself.
  4. I see the original Game Gears go for some fairly good deals on eBay from time to time. I've been watching them myself as I'd like to get a second to practice on before I replace the caps on my more expensive blue model.
  5. I've owned both the Lynx I and II. In fact, I have one of each new in the box. The I is in shrink-wrap where as the two was never sealed. That said, my childhood Lynx was a II and I got a used Lynx I later when buying games off eBay. I was never impressed with the I. The D-Pad on it just didn't feel great, the screen wasn't as good, and the ergonomics were nowhere near as comfortable. The only reason I bought a new one was because it was cheap and I figured it didn't hurt having some spares around as it's my personal favorite handheld.
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