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  1. So I wanted to talk about how much I enjoyed The Tomorrow war. It was published by Amazon for Prime video, but it has that 90's summer blockbuster feel from start to end. When I was watching it, it reminded me of how I felt when watching ID4 for the first time back when it was released. It has a cheesy Sci-Fi plot with great special effects and was one of the most enjoyable new popcorn flicks that I have seen in years. If you are looking for something to watch while staying inside your air conditioning to beat the heat- I recommend that you suspend your disbelief, ignore the many plot holes, and enjoy a fun retro-style summer blockbuster.
  2. Can I mention Andre From Pagefire on a technicality? Most of his stuff is in English, but he is Norwegian. He does a lot of songs in different genres of rock and metal and they usually end up being great examples of that genre... even though they are from a video mostly making fun of said genre. Also, I'm not sure if I need to mention bands like Rammstein or Entombed here... pretty sure most metal fans already have opinions of them, but they are the bands that got me into metal in the first place.
  3. before I discovered the lifechanging technique of chopsticks - I usually air popped popcorn just to have something crunchy to munch on. (Although the flavor is lacking a bit)
  4. This is going to sound crazy, but stay with me: USE CHOPSTICKS FOR CHEETOS WHILE GAMING. (Works with cheese puffs and other snacks like that too) This technique is a literal game changer (pun intended too) (Edited to correct a hilarious typo)
  5. this is a hard one. I haven't had a lot of time to play, but my high so far is just 4,600
  6. Wow! That addresses my biggest complaint with the Atari 2600 version - The rooms get filled in after you are finished with them. I might have to check it out at some point... I hope that you can turn the music off though!
  7. wow - I love the intellivision port of Venture, but I have hardly played the atari 2600 one. This should be fun!
  8. I have gotten 3rd a few times... but I usually place 4th. I have not even been close to 2nd or 1st yet.
  9. wow, this one is hard! I finally got a slight improvement 42,590
  10. Recently one of my Coworkers found this when cleaning out his Grandfather's house. He knew that I collected Commodore stuff - so he grabbed it for me. I am so excited to own one again (I had one back in the day, but we got rid of it when we upgraded to a 128 since it doesn't fit that machine's form factor)
  11. wow - I finally find some time to come back to Atari.io - and it is just in time for the Pole Position Grand Prix??? AWESOME!
  12. I hardly had time to play this one... 43,807 on my Arcade 1up clickey-spinner
  13. Congratulations @socrates63! That is an amazing score!
  14. Thats' awesome! I did the letterbomb mod on my regular wii because the optical drive went kaput, but I have not modded my WiiU yet. I am very interested to see the DSi mod if/when you do it - I have not modded any of my DS consoles, but I would love to get my 3DS "unlocked". I have been kind of chicken to do it because I actually have a lot of digital games from the 3ds store that I don't want to risk losing.
  15. I love the c64! I have a c128 (which is the big brother, but fully backwards compatible) My favorite games on the computer are (well, besides the ones that RickR mentioned): Jumpman (and Jumpman Jr.) Space Taxi Bruce Lee River Raid (The c64 version blows the Atari 2600 version out of the water(... see what I did there??)) The hobbit (Text adventure! Seriously, I'll wait... (Time passes)) Those should give you a good idea of what the c64 classic library is like There are also some great new games to check out (usually available on itch.io) Neutron (and Santron, which is neutron with an xmas theme) Galencia (amazing Galaga clone) Zeta Wing (another vertical scrolling shooter)
  16. These are simply awesome! @socrates63, thanks for letting us know about them!
  17. Here is my first go that is worth posting - I am playing on the PS4 Arcade Archives because I was having some trouble with MAME. 19250 (As far as I can tell - Hamster does use original roms when creating their arcade archives games)
  18. Do you just DM him to place an order? I feel like I need that You Suck patch 🙂
  19. Oh - I just saw the post about the bubble lights- I'm a huge fan of those! My family decided to put up a halloween tree this year (because, why not?) and my wife found these for it: they are awesome, but you have to be really careful to get them mounted on the tree so that they are vertical and don't move around too much.
  20. I haven't had a lot of time to be in the forums lately (Halloween goings on and busy at work) - I love this thread! @HDN - you have a great collection there! I am always thrilled to see younger people take an interest in this hobby!
  21. I was always told that the upside down tree was an Eastern European thing. It was kind of a trend here a few years back too.
  22. I need to start adopting British insults. In a recent video, YouTuber Atomic Shrimp called someone a "Silly old sausage". I added that one to my arsenal right away!
  23. What are the other dip switch settings? 10,000 points for bonus What about number of lives? And difficulty level?
  24. I hope so, that is how I would prefer to play as well! Edit: did a quick search - it is also available in the arcade archives on PS4! I might go that route as well.
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