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  1. A cute 13 second video 🦎
  2. You guys are posting great scores! 🤩 This has been a really fun Squad Challenge, I’m enjoying playing Asteroids on these difficulty settings. Asteroids is one of my favorite 2600 games. Our Asteroids Squad Challenge runs through Tuesday night, there’s still time to invite people to join in so let’s get the word out! 🔈
  3. Anyone know what this is from? 🤣


    1. RickR


      was the movie named "King of Kong"? 


    2. Gianna
    3. HDN


      It looks like Scott the Woz

  4. Yay! Excited for this one ☝🏻
  5. There was a site update the other night that caused them to look mushed like that 😧 Justin will create new ones once he has time
  6. Does anyone have any exciting (or just casual!) Friday or weekend plans? :arcade:

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    2. RickR


      @socrates63-- you go for the opposing team.  We usually go to see the Mariners when our favorite Cleveland Indians are in town.  I love baseball and the Mariners, but they've stunk for so long, it's embarrassing. 

      My wife and I are taking a car trip next week, so my weekend plan is to pack and get the car ready to go.  I'll fill up a USB stick with audiobooks to listen to.  Book some motels.  That type of thing. 

    3. Gianna


      Sounds good! I hope everyone has fun!

    4. - Ω -

      - Ω -

      My honey wants me to watch:  https://www.viki.com/tv/37786c with her.  It'll take a couple of weeks, I guess she likes togetherness.

  7. Pokemon Snap. Anyone have it? It recently came out for the Switch. I picked a copy up at Target the day after it was released and received a picture frame with it. It was the last one, and I had no clue they were even giving those out with the game!

  8. CONGRATULATIONS ATARISPHINX! Wakka wakka wakka! @AtariSphinx had a high score of 517,560! Woah, mindblown! 😯🤯 Next in line, @TrekMD with a score of 293,820! My goodness! In third place we have @RickR with a score of 44,350 and @Atari Creep at 23,980. Great job everyone! Thank you for participating! Hope everyone is ready for tomorrow's new Squad Challenge! FINAL STANDINGS 1. ATARISPHINX 517,860 2. TREKMD 293,820 3. RICKR 44,350 4. ATARI CREEP 23,980
  9. High Score Squad is returning on the 15th with a special event. 🥳 We have a structure in place for members to engage each other in high score events of their own, through posting new high scores on the scoreboard, or challenging each other in 2-Player Challenge. ⚠️ We won’t have a new precedent set with members creating competing “temporary” challenges 🕹
  10. Is everyone ready? New High Score challenge will be announced on the 15th! 💥🎉

    1. HDN



      I’m greatly looking forward to it!

      I haven’t participated in many at all this year. I’m going to try to win this one! Emphasis on “try”.

  11. Intellicollecovisionary has been banned.

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    2. RickR


      It is my sincere hope that no forum members are discouraged from continuing to enjoy our community here due to what happened yesterday and this morning.  You are all valued! 

    3. HDN


      Is that why the IO was down for a few hours?

      Also, what happened? I imagine it takes a lot to be banned from this place. I hope everything is ok now.

    4. Gianna


      I will just say, we have a list of rules for a reason and by joining this site everyone is expected to follow them! Here is a refresher if anyone is interested 🙂


  12. Men In Black Universal Studios Florida Difficulty: None High Score: 39,475 March 22, 2021
  13. Had fun playing this one and collecting the smiles 😎 My Score: 124,760
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