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  1. @socrates63 oh man! People here make it seem really easy, but it was a struggle to get that score! lol
  2. My first time playing. 18,410. It took me a little while to get this score, and thought I did well, but after seeing everyone's scores.. jeez!
  3. Yes! It's worth it! I love my Switch. I've had it about a year now. I got the Ring Fit as a Christmas gift and it's very fun. Lots of mini games, stretches, workouts and so on. It almost reminds me of Wii Fit but in a different way, if that makes sense.
  4.  Happy New Year everyone! (and Merry Christmas!) A little late >_<, I ended up getting a bad cold Christmas Eve and have been resting a lot. 2 flu tests, 2 strep tests, and a covid test later it turned out to just be a bad cold (luckily!). I'm slowly starting to feel better 🤧

    1. RickR
    2. Justin


      Happy New Year @Gianna 🥂

    3. DegasElite


      You get better, Gianna. Glad it wasn't COVID-19. :O)

  5. Here's my score! 14,800. Gonna try to increase it!
  6. Accepted! I agree, the new update has some things I dislike. But overall it’s a fun game!
  7. 💥 Anyone else?! Are we the only ones?
  8. 379 tickets! Can you guess what I was able to get with them? A small plastic shark that lights up, except the light up part didn’t work, and a jolly rancher 😯  nonetheless I had fun in the Universal arcade! 



    1. DegasElite


      That's really cool. Have fun and enjoy yourself. :O)

  9. Heading to Orlando tonight for a weekend at Universal! 😁

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    2. socrates63


      That's cool you can make a trip like that relatively easily! I still haven't been to Florida.

    3. Gianna


      @socrates63 never?!? 😮 I live just about 3 hours away, but the drive feels much shorter. 

    4. socrates63


      Never ever been to Florida. Three years ago, I was scheduled to visit HBO Latin America office in Coral Gables, but it got canceled last minute.

      Being up in the northwest corner of the country, driving three hours north gets me to Vancouver BC in Canada, and three hours south is RickR's house. When my kids were younger, we'd drive 5 1/2 hours to Idaho to go to Silverwood Theme Park. It's not Universal Studios mind you, but we'd tent camp across the street and walk to the park -- fun times.

  10. Welcome! I think you'll love the high score challenges! They're very fun!
  11. let’s all have a Bagel Party
  12. Ah.. I feel like anything with carbs I enjoy too much, especially bread and pasta. I have considered trying a "carb free" diet but it's too difficult for me lol
  13. Oh, no. I hate onions in every shape and form. I will pick them out of anything! Me too! I like strawberry cream cheese.
  14. I feel like you can't go wrong with them. I'm eating a blueberry one now. Plain? Delicious Blueberry? Delicious Chocolate Chip? Delicious Salted? Delicious Cinnamon? Delicious Sesame? Delicious Asiago? Delicious Everything? Meh...
  15. 🎃 Happy Halloween everyone! Time to get spooky 💀

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    2. Justin


      Hope you had a happy halloween! 

    3. RickR


      The movie of choice at our house on Halloween was "Psycho".  It was fun! 


    4. DegasElite


      I had a Happy Halloween myself, for sure. I am sure that you folks did as well. Thanks. :O)

  16. I've only ever played pinball in person. I haven't seen a pinball machine in forever! Midnight Magic looks quite neat.
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