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  1. Men In Black Universal Studios Florida Difficulty: None High Score: 39,475 March 22, 2021
  2. Had fun playing this one and collecting the smiles 😎 My Score: 124,760
  3. I love using those paddles for super Breakout 🤩
  4. That could make things confusing. It makes more sense to just simply reply with "correct" or not and also helps keep everyone engaged.
  5. Justin and I have been playing Tennis on NES lately. 🎾 It's fun! Despite being such a simple concept it's a bit tricky.

    1. Justin


      That was always my favorite tennis game! 

    2. RickR


      Nintendo made some really great sports games on NES.  You're right, they are so simple, but still fun and a bit tricky.  Ice Hockey, Baseball, etc. 


    3. HDN


      Try the Game Boy version, you two! I think it's the better of the two, but they are both very good and very similar.

  6. Platform: Atari 7800 all over the place watermelon and some pies throw it and be quick!
  7. I can't believe this was posted almost a year ago 😓 I recently watched a newer movie on Hulu called Run, it was really good in the beginning, but became obvious and sort of dumb towards the end. I'd recommend the first three seasons of American Horror Story. The first season I've watched multiple times. It's very good! I'm not much of a scary movie/tv person but I really loved it.
  8. I love how cozy atari.io feels 🧸

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    2. DegasElite


      It's great, isn't it? :O)

    3. DegasElite


      You are welcome, both of you. :O)

    4. HDN


      Perfect word to describe it. Very welcoming.

  9. make everyday an Atari day! 🕹👾

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    2. Justin


      I love this, Gianna! We should use this as our slogan! :wreck-it-ralph:

    3. DegasElite


      Agreed, Gianna. Have a great Atari Day! :O)

    4. Atari 5200 Guy

      Atari 5200 Guy

      I just wish there were 52 days in a calendar month 😞  No special 5200 day.  'sigh'  But everyday an Atari day?  I'm down with that.

      That would work.  Instead of "Have you played Atari today?"  you could sing "Make every day an Atari Day."  It's the same pattern.

  10. @socrates63 oh man! People here make it seem really easy, but it was a struggle to get that score! lol
  11. My first time playing. 18,410. It took me a little while to get this score, and thought I did well, but after seeing everyone's scores.. jeez!
  12. Yes! It's worth it! I love my Switch. I've had it about a year now. I got the Ring Fit as a Christmas gift and it's very fun. Lots of mini games, stretches, workouts and so on. It almost reminds me of Wii Fit but in a different way, if that makes sense.
  13.  Happy New Year everyone! (and Merry Christmas!) A little late >_<, I ended up getting a bad cold Christmas Eve and have been resting a lot. 2 flu tests, 2 strep tests, and a covid test later it turned out to just be a bad cold (luckily!). I'm slowly starting to feel better 🤧

    1. RickR
    2. Justin
    3. DegasElite


      You get better, Gianna. Glad it wasn't COVID-19. :O)

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