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  1. Yes, it was a huge bummer, especially because I was so excited to check Volcano Bay out. I'm trying to get a refund. While heading back to the parking garage there was other families heading back as well who were rejected also.
  2. I spent this weekend in Orlando and went to Universal as well as Islands of Adventure, and went to Top Golf for the first time! I should have known this was a really bad time to go to a theme park, because Saturday after arriving at Universal the park reached capacity about a half hour later. Rides were about 100-200 minute wait times, some even more, and they sold out of fast passes. In total, I went on 5 rides and was there from 11am - 7:15 or so at night. Sunday I tried going to Volcano Bay and arrived an hour after opening but unfortunately they had reached capacity already. I got on
  3.  Posting from Universal in Orlando ☺️


    1. RickR


      Have fun!  Ride that Harry Potter "flying broom" ride for me. 

    2. Gianna


      Unfortunately wait times ranged from 2-3 hours for a lot of rides. I ended up being there from about 11-7 and only got on 5 rides the entire day 😔 fast passes sold out first thing and then were available again for $200 a person.. no thanks. Universal and islands of adventure reached maximum capacity at like 1pm.

  4. Have you guys seen the cute Super Mario Bros. Game & Watch Nintendo is releasing to celebrate SMB’s 35th Anniversary?
  5. Gianna

    Price Tag Thread

    @TrekMD I have not, but I just found this. kind of interesting! https://ghosts-of-retailers-past.fandom.com/wiki/Zody's
  6. I can barely handle anything spicy lol. Sometimes even mild seems too spicy for me! 😦😓 If you've ever been to Millers Ale House you have probably seen their "Zingers", which are just chicken fingers tossed in sauce. I enjoy those tossed in mild sauce and dipped in ranch or blue cheese!
  7. I hope everyone has a great week ahead of them! The weekend always flies by.

    1. RickR


      Weekends are too short! 

      Thank you Gianna, you have a good week too. 

    2. HDN


      Have a great week! I start school tomorrow.

    3. Justin


      I hope you have a good week too @Gianna!!

  8. That's very nice @socrates63 !! ☺️
  9. @socrates63 me too. That picture is sad 😞
  10. @Duckie25 I completely agree! 🙌👏
  11. Here is the Sprite that replaced it:
  12. I'm not sure if this is similar, but it is orange flavored. McDonald's had HiC Orange Lavaburst, which is basically orange pop. They were (as far as I know) like the only place to carry it. A few years ago they decided to discontinue it and it was replaced with some tropical flavored Sprite. What the heck. The HiC was popular, and even my dad, who never drinks things like that, loved it and would sometimes make trips there just for the HiC. He was really bummed when it was discontinued, as I remember a lot of people were when it was announced. Ah, and now I'm thinking about French fries.
  13. After reading @Justin 's post about Toys R Us I am feeling a bit nostalgic. Is there anything that makes you guys feel that way? Perhaps a time in your life, a vacation, certain music?
  14. I have a lot of memories of going to toys r us with my mom. I would often get gift cards for holidays or my birthday, and over time they would stack up and I'd have a lot to spend! I remember the summer before 1st grade going with my mom and grandma, and what stands out to me about that trip was the Willy Wonka chocolate bar I was bought. It had a pretend gold ticket in the wrapper. Once we got to the car my little sister decided she wanted it and I was told to share, which made me mad. 😬 I remember when I'd have a stack of gift cards I'd end up spending like 2 hours in the store figuring out
  15. Might go back Labor Day weekend, with a trip to Volcano Bay! Might as well become a pass holder hehe
  16. I don't think I've ever had it. My mom likes grape Fanta so I've tried that a few times. I remember drinking it and eating flaming hot Cheetos after school in 7th grade...
  17. I used to play the violin, in total I played for about 5 years. I realized it wasn’t something I totally enjoyed but now realize I sort of miss playing. I currently have a ukulele and have tried teaching myself how to play a few times, but life gets so busy I never am able to resume learning. I hope at some point I am able to focus on it more! I’ve also always been interested in playing guitar!
  18. Hello, welcome!! From FL too!
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