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  1. Posting from my new iMac! 🙂 

    1. Atari 5200 Guy

      Atari 5200 Guy

      👍Well, it works. Congrats!

    2. nosweargamer
    3. Atari 5200 Guy

      Atari 5200 Guy

      LOL. I love the look of the "Apple" guy on the right.  He's just like, "Whatever."  I remember those old Apple commercials.  I miss Steve Jobs' keynotes.

  2. Played the other day on Super Nintendo. I was proud I got to the end of the first level, it was my first time playing and I found it a little difficult! 😯
  3. ‼️ I love browsing the forums on my lunch break 🙂

    1. Justin


      That's so great to hear @Gianna‼️ I'm glad the forums can be a part of your day :wreck-it-ralph:

    2. Atari 5200 Guy

      Atari 5200 Guy

      What was for lunch?

    3. Gianna


      I don’t remember now 😓 I think Tuesday I had a sandwich from Starbucks, although now I can’t remember!

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  4. Who else here plays Pokémon GO? Let's share our trainer codes and we can be friends and send presents 😄
  5. I love when I think it's Tuesday and then realize it's actually Wednesday 😄 one day closer to the weekend!

    1. RickR


      Wednesday already???  It's trash night!  Time to take out the trash. 


  6. Celebrated Atari Day this weekend by playing Moon Patrol for the first time! I thought this was a really good game for the 2600. I had a lot of fun playing this and Moon Patrol seems to be popular with you guys! 😄 This is my score for my first time playing. I'll try to post a better score before the squad challenge is over. Good luck everyone 😄 My high score: 5600
  7. 🐶 PUPDATE: Sally’s birthday was the 21st. She turned 8. She loves opening presents and was very happy with her gifts ☺️



    1. RickR
    2. Atari 5200 Guy

      Atari 5200 Guy

      Our little Christmas knows which Christmas stocking is hers.  I have to hide it until late Christmas Eve night while she is sleeping or she will yank it down.  

      You have a very cute Sally.  Happy Birthday, Pup!  

  8. I ran in to Starbucks the other day and they now require everyone to wear a mask, even if just going in to pick up a mobile order. Just the other day my county made masks mandatory (I think), however it doesn’t apply to the part of town I work in. Currently I’m working in an office with about 10 other employees (the other 60 something are at home, I was told I had to come back in and unfortunately wasn’t given the choice to continue working from home) and we do not have to wear masks so no one does. There’s no disinfecting wipes or hand sanitizer in sight. It’s gross and disappointing.
  9. Me too 😄 Although we are still in the pandemic, I did go to Universal, but they took everything very seriously. Also, restaurants. Have you been to any yet? I've gone out maybe 3-4 times since they reopened here in May and at each place the tables were spread out very far. It is nice not being jam packed close to people and being able to have a lot of space!
  10. I have never been to a drive in! I would like to though. It appears the closest one is 123 miles away 😞
  11. Will you be going to the movies when this is all over, or staying in and streaming? What will it take to get you back into theaters? So much has changed not only since the virus. I was never that big into going to the movies. I always thought they could be a bit gross with it being dark and difficult to see the aisles and seats. Just thinking about what I could be sitting on and around is a bit gross to me. A few theaters around my town have been remodeled and now have big leather reclining seats. I noticed a theater near me that's been around since 2007 has closed for good since the vir
  12. Alex Kidd in Miracle Word Sega Master System Difficulty: Default High Score: 22,000 July 15, 2020
  13. Yes, if you press the pause button on the master system console you can see your screen and map with score
  14. My score so far, hopefully I'll have a better score tonight. The picture is blurry since I had to take it quick, and it didn't focus! Score: 1200
  15. @RickR That's a good suggestion! I never got into audio books, but it is something I should check out. As I'm getting ready for the day, cleaning up the house, etc I will often put on a video on Youtube and listen to that. Usually it will be a video from one of two channels I frequently watch (or listen to) that are about missing people, and unsolved missing persons cases. I find missing persons cases interesting, especially those that go unsolved. It is scary what goes on in the world. Or, more uplifting, I will listen to a video about the origins of something, like recently I listened to one
  16. @TrekMD I recently had a virtual doctors appointment about 2 weeks ago. The hospital my doctor is at was not even scheduling any in person appointments, unless absolutely necessary, due to rising cases. Our beaches here opened, then closed, and now they're open again with super restrictive hours. We had a ton of people coming over from the east coast to our beaches and they were getting too crowded. The community I live in has a lot of families and young people, and since this began there has been, as usual, a lot of parties. I wouldn't say I feel "scared" being around so many people without a
  17. That's great! During work hours I kind of have to be glued to my computer. During down times though I will try to get things done, like wash clothes or clean. I will! I have also had an urge to pick up old hobbies. I used to love reading and lately I just don't have the time. That's something I would like to be able to get back into.
  18. I have been well. I can’t believe it is July. Time feels a bit weird since this all started, in early-mid March. I believe it was March 16 when my job had me (and nearly every employee) work from home. I really enjoyed that, and having such more time at home allowed me to get into an after work workout routine, which I still do now. Where I am in FL everything began reopening I think in early May. I ended up having to go back to going in to work May 11. Out of about 60 employees there was only 12 or so of us. Late June I was sent back home and luckily still have been, but I believe I’m going b
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