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  1. I’ll check out your channel once I’m done working (from home!) today. I’m interested in the truck videos and I haven’t played the monster truck game on wii in FOREVER so it’ll be fun to watch. 😌
  2. My fridge is bare except for some family pictures on the side and other miscellaneous things. Off topic, but with Disney being brought up here is a cup I got at Pop Century a few years ago! I was really craving Coke and had to buy the reusable cup in order to get some. It was like $15! 🤯
  3. What happened with Classic Game Room? I went there and their YouTube channel was named “80’s Comics”. What gives!?
  4. I love your Disney magnets!!! I want to become a pass holder too ☺️
  5. 💥 New Addition: Super Breakout

    I got this as a birthday present ^__^  I can't wait to play it! 😄

    2020-04-12 205410.226.jpg

    1. RickR


      Perfect!  Happy birthday. 

    2. Justin


      Super Breakout is honestly one of the all-time best 2600 games. To this day I can play it for hours. Warlords too, especially with a group of people gathered around the TV set in the living room.

    3. Atari 5200 Guy

      Atari 5200 Guy

      Awesome!!  That was my first game when I got an Atari for Christmas as a child.  Mine was on the 5200, though, but Super Breakout is Super Breakout no matter what.

  6. Thank you! I'll check out that guide too 😁
  7. Oh that would have been nice getting it for $5! Yeah, the videos I watched made it look really relaxing 😄 I have a PS4 I got just over a year ago that I only have one game for, which is GTA. I want to get into playing my ps4 more but need some suggestions for games! I know the controller is similar to xbox, so I can probably use that for ATS.
  8. This is so cute Justin 🥰 I love your little drawings and it's so well put together 😭☺️
  9. Awesome! I was just thinking about this game actually. I randomly came across it on YouTube not long ago and watched a few videos of people playing it. It looks a bit relaxing and I am planning on getting it.. I just need to set up a Steam account!
  10. Yes, that would be awesome! I have Super Breakout on my ipad (😆), which I enjoy playing occasionally. Of course that's not the original or anywhere as great though!
  11. It sure did! I love Twin Peaks! It's not something I would normally choose to watch, but I ended up getting really into it! It is now my favorite show ^__^
  12. I’m Gianna, I’m new to the forums and wanted to introduce myself to everybody. I’ve been reading the forums for about a year. I love Breakout on 2600, as well as 7800 Ms. Pac-Man and Food Fight. 🍦 I live in South Florida close to Justin, currently I’ve been very into playing my Nintendo Switch (mainly Pokémon!), and I have a dachshund named Sally. 🐾 It’s great to be here joining in things and I hope to get to know all of you a little better soon. 😊
  13. Hello everyone, I'm posting my first score. ☺️ I got this score playing 2 player with Justin. High score: 31,600
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