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  1. I made a couple of these too, back in the early 90's 😀 I made one for Alf and another one for Spellcaster, both SMS games.
  2. I love lawnmower games, there's not enough of 'em!
  3. It's kind of sad how excited I used to get playing Simcity 2000 on PC and now it's like "blah whatever." I re-installed Sim City 4 recently, we'll see how that goes for me
  4. Nice! I used to really like the C64 version back in the 90's, it's pretty crap now 😄
  5. I always thought it was really stupid for Sega to never release it on the Megadrive! I'm glad someone decided to do it, the first Shinobi is one of my favorite games all time.
  6. Have you guys seen this? Pretty amazing work!
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