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  1. STe OrionSD CARD READER - Tech Notes 1/17/2021 GETTING IT TO RUN : - I'm Running Window's 10 with an internal 3.25 floppy drive. I formatted a quality 2GB SD card With the PC, FAT . I would not use larger capacity SD cards. Larger one's MIGHT be better for the partition method - more on that later... - I created a new folder on my Win10 PC named "AUTO". I Wrote bigdos.prg AND Orion's driver's to the AUTO folder. - I wrote the AUTO folder to a Pre-Atari formatted, 720k floppy disk. I have been told extenal USB floppy drives will not work with Win10. External USB floppy drives might w
  2. I, like RickR, never had a ST until recently. It's been a blast trying to find the best games for it. I have tried all the big name games, but every once in a while you come accross a little game from a unknown developer that has enough charm to keep your attention for a while, for example - Better Dead Than Alien.
  3. Looks great! Thanks for the hard work. My STe thanks you!
  4. I subscribed to your youtube channel and now you're here 🙂 . Thanks for the work you are doing on our beloved STe. I picked up one of those Micro SD card readers from Gossuin. It seems like a cheaper version of the Ultra-satan :), so thanks for keying us on to that gizmo. I must have overseen that when I got my Eiffel3 from him a few months back. I look forward to your progress on this, and will check back here on a regular basis. I have been doing some ghetto MOD vids : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAVWgxXEerFi51JI8SWDP5w?view_as=subscriber
  5. Explains the pros and cons of the hardware VERY well. Great video.
  6. Hi guys! Just a reminder, the site has been updated. If you need any repairs, have any technical questions, or whatever, you can PM Me or use the contact form on the site. Also, if you have any broken harware that can be repaired and needs a good home, I'm your guy. 🙂 Still Rockin' Atari Paul
  7. Here is a link to download it : https://atariage.com/forums/topic/229709-defender-2000-soundtrack/?tab=comments#comment-3071565 PAul
  8. If you don't have it yet, I have it. The file is to big to post here but it can be emailed. I have permission from the original author to burn a copy BUT IT IS NOT TO BE SOLD. I also have permission from Bruce at B & C to distribute it - IT IS NOT TO BE SOLD. His master copy from Atari had a few errors, so I emailed the Composers file to Bruce replace his. These are very polished tunes. Pm me and I'll Email it to you as a google drive link. I use Imageburn. Paul
  9. Well for a low level programmed game, there is a lot going on, on screen, and has good color. Well done!
  10. I find it fun and relaxing to work on them. These restored and repaired systems bring people joy, plus they don't end up in an Alamogordo type burial site. That's what matters. 🙂
  11. I totally forgot about Mall 205 KayBee! I think the draw for The LLoyd Center was that it was an open air mall that you could walk your bike through. It would snow and rain in the center of the mall. Also you could catch a glimpse of Tonya Harding ice skating once in a while, but that was a little later.. More later in life, I spent my days off at Electronics Boutique, always searching for the greatest Sega CD game ever. Then the Jaguar hit shelves. I DID see a official Aircars being sold there. It was just the cart and manual, no box. THAT was telling. 🙂
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