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  1. Explains the pros and cons of the hardware VERY well. Great video.
  2. Hi guys! Just a reminder, the site has been updated. If you need any repairs, have any technical questions, or whatever, you can PM Me or use the contact form on the site. Also, if you have any broken harware that can be repaired and needs a good home, I'm your guy. πŸ™‚ Still Rockin' Atari Paul
  3. Here is a link to download it : https://atariage.com/forums/topic/229709-defender-2000-soundtrack/?tab=comments#comment-3071565 PAul
  4. If you don't have it yet, I have it. The file is to big to post here but it can be emailed. I have permission from the original author to burn a copy BUT IT IS NOT TO BE SOLD. I also have permission from Bruce at B & C to distribute it - IT IS NOT TO BE SOLD. His master copy from Atari had a few errors, so I emailed the Composers file to Bruce replace his. These are very polished tunes. Pm me and I'll Email it to you as a google drive link. I use Imageburn. Paul
  5. Well for a low level programmed game, there is a lot going on, on screen, and has good color. Well done!
  6. I find it fun and relaxing to work on them. These restored and repaired systems bring people joy, plus they don't end up in an Alamogordo type burial site. That's what matters. πŸ™‚
  7. I totally forgot about Mall 205 KayBee! I think the draw for The LLoyd Center was that it was an open air mall that you could walk your bike through. It would snow and rain in the center of the mall. Also you could catch a glimpse of Tonya Harding ice skating once in a while, but that was a little later.. More later in life, I spent my days off at Electronics Boutique, always searching for the greatest Sega CD game ever. Then the Jaguar hit shelves. I DID see a official Aircars being sold there. It was just the cart and manual, no box. THAT was telling. πŸ™‚
  8. RickR Yeah I remember GIJoes on 82nd ave having a HUGE 2600 display kiosk with multiple games you could try. There were two game stores down at LLoyd Center mall. When the great crash hit, they had games for $10 and under. I think I got Space Jockey for $5.
  9. That's some random pic off the internet with my 53 year old Brothers' face badly photoshopped πŸ™‚
  10. Sears sold my parents a non-working unit and we had to wait for what seemed like an eterniity to get the replacement. After that rough start, there were many game trades with friends during my childhood that became kind of a social thing for us. I eventually ended up with a 800xl and 1050 disk drive. Now I repair and restore all Atari. Funny how that works out.
  11. The other beneift to the UNO is that you don't have to hard reset the computer. There is a button on the UNO cart that you hit first, then RESET on the Atari for a nice warm restart. ( Menu pops back up ) This is less hard on the system over time.
  12. Here is the Eiffel 3 from Belgium. You can connect a PS2 mouse, PS2 keyboard, USB mouse, and two joysticks. It was around $30 shipped.
  13. Ok Guys, I posted two videos of games running in 16mhz. More to follow.
  14. Nope, no RF out. I don't think any of them had RF out, but who knows. Have to use a monitor. Mine does have an additional 2 megs of ram for 4 total. If you happen to have a 1040 ST that does not have a RF modulator, I have the solution!
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