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  1. YES!! That's a rare monitor! Please post some pics Atarileaf!
  2. Hi all! So a buddy and I picked up two Megs ST2's. They both came with a 16mhz accelerator + switch. No Keyboards. We both have an Eiffel 3 coming. So I did some testing with games that would auto boot, with the switch on for 16mhz, and off for 8mhz, respectivley. HOLY TOLEDO! Buggy Boy runs like its a Genesis game and the Time Bandit demo runs WAAAY to fast. 🙂 So at this point I'm thinking any game that is either 3D or that has many sprites on the screen will benefit. When the Eiffel3 comes in I will do some more comparisons and post them here. I think I'll start
  3. Well I have had much experience I can share. I use a modern LCD HDTV that's multi-region and multi power ( 110, 220 ) that you can get from 220 Electronics. Its obviosly does 50/60hz and everything in between . PAL, SECAM, NTSC 4.3 and NTSC 3.58. It sees everything that I throw at it from composite from the ST. My TV also has a " autotune " feature that scans for the signal. You can get composite out of the ST's if they have the RF modulator, and it will upscale to HDMI. I use a converter made by Cable Matters. You can get Composite out of an ST WITHOUT a modulator by put
  4. Thanks Lance! I picked up a Mega ST2 with 4 meg I can try it on.
  5. Wow this is A LOT less toxic than another well known site 🙂

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      And we will keep it that way, we tend to not allow cross site / forums drama as well 😉

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      Welcome @Paul Westphal I'm glad you found us :wreck-it-ralph:

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      Quite possibly the least toxic place on the internet here!

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  6. The Uno Cart will work on Atari 400's that are upgraded to 48k. I tested this on 4 of these machines.
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