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  1. 40,900 Played on an NES with a NES Advantage
  2. Thanks! Got it from gamestop.com a couple weeks ago
  3. 11,630 I've missed doing these! @Sabertooth's Instagram post brought me here
  4. 230,920 Unless there's a way to view it that I'm missing, make sure to pause when you lose your last life to take a picture of your score because it won't show it again.
  5. Nice! Have this on the Wii U's virtual console so I'll be playing it on there
  6. 99,450 Tried out that Easter egg, interesting!
  7. 31,450 I've played a lot more of the NES game, but really like this port too!
  8. 781,597 Spending time practicing getting that free ball definitely helped me learn to control the ball better
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