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  1. 781,597 Spending time practicing getting that free ball definitely helped me learn to control the ball better
  2. 104,355 Slowly getting the hang of nudging the ball. Love seeing everyone's tips and strategies. Gonna try for that extra ball using @RickR 's diagram.
  3. 77,744 My best so far. Liking the challenge this difficulty setting adds with those extra holes
  4. 74,408 Pretty fun game! The spinner on the Arcade 1Up isn't the best, but after getting used to it it plays alright. Glad this challenge got me to put more time into it
  5. 33202 I didn't have any emulators set up on my computer, so I was going to pass on the challenges this month, but after seeing atarigames Instagram post about those paddle controllers I wanted to get an entry in (Hey BTB, enter me to win!). Was about to start figuring out an emulator and then remembered it was actually on my Arcade 1Up lol. It's definitely my least played game on here, so this is a cool reason to get into it!
  6. I've always wanted to go to Disney for their Nightmare Before Christmas event. Sounds awesome! And thanks! Got them at Spencer's
  7. Hahaha! Jack Skellington pajama pants! And thanks!
  8. 16715 - score update Been getting around 7000-8000 most of the time, but randomly did a lot better this round
  9. 4995 - First score so far. Playing on a 2600 with a genesis controller. First time playing Demon Attack on the 2600. Picked up a copy at a local game store today after seeing the next challenge. Always wanted to check it out since I really like the Intellivision version.
  10. 138700 Updated score. Luckily I was on my last life(I think) when I got myself stuck in that barrel lol
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