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  1. John Astin is an amazing guy. He is in his nineties now. He's been around for a long time in the acting business.
  2. Interesting stuff, Justin. I wonder if video arcades are still the norm in Tokyo. They sure aren't here, and that's too bad. Bummer.
  3. You can also click on the black text next to any link to download. It will download as a ZIP file everything on that link. It works the same way as the circled black-text link on the picture posted by RickR, only it's more specific to the individual links. Thanks. :O)
  4. Not only is it nice, you can preserve your manuals by downloading the PDF versions. There is also the Video Game Scanning Collective on the Archive. They have box and manual scans for certain games. It's not complete, but it is thorough with the scans. However, be prepared. Some scans are at 1,200 DPI, and some downloads are over 1 GB in size for just one game. I have a reasonably high-speed connection, so I can do it. A lot of people do, it seems. Also, a lot of the scans are Atari 2600 and 5200 games. So, it could be good for restoration and preservation references, if that can be done. Thanks for letting me share. :O)
  5. Oh, yeah. The I-35 Bridge collapse. I remember it well. It was world news, even on Deutsche Welle (DW) in Germany. We had local access to DW on Channel 20 in Saint Paul on cable TV. It made the headlines for sure. it was later rebuilt. The new bridge is nice. It was definitely a tragedy for sure. I was living in my apartment in Maplewood at the time. Maplewood is a Saint Paul suburb. It's almost walking distance from my Dad's place on what we call the Gateway Trail. It's a walking trail that used to be a railroad. It goes for miles into near the Wisconsin border. It has been, wow, fourteen years already since it happened. I was going to be 33 that year. Anyway, It was a sad thing for sure. All those people gone. Too bad it was not repaired beforehand. That could have been prevented.
  6. It was Darrell Spice, Jr. I just researched it on a search. Cool game, by the way. :O)
  7. True. It is Draconian for the 2600. I believe Darrell Spice, Jr. programmed it. It might have been Champ Games as well.
  8. It seems Neo Mr. Do captures the essence of the original version of the arcade game. Classic! :O)
  9. That is because the games had so much memory. After all, the max storage capacity on a Neo-Geo cart could go up to 330 MB. Whether it was megabytes or megabits, it was still a lot to deal with, which made the games more expensive. Of that, I am sure. :O)
  10. There are Save Stations where you can save the game and replenish your energy at. I can't remember where they are because I haven't played in a while. They look like booths and are in special rooms on the map. Your ship in Crateria is also a save point. Going there also replenishes energy and weapons.
  11. I liked Cyberlip. It is a fun side-scrolling shmup. Sengoku, too. Cyberlip has an interesting ending, by the way. It's a real twist. :O)
  12. Yes! I remember this ad. I used to have a copy of this very flyer. Interesting.
  13. Actually, I have seen a copy of Tempest 2000 in play for the Sega Saturn in a video. It had the CD soundtrack for the music in the game. Here is a YouTube link for that version. By the way, welcome to the Club, yeye! Nice to see new faces. :O)
  14. Have you heard of a YouTuber who calls himself Perifractic? I think that's his name anyway. He once did a extreme restoration of an Atari 800XL that was crushed and dirty, both the case and motherboard. It was beyond belief. But, he got it working and it looks and works better than before. I know this is nothing like that because it is just the shell and not the motherboard, but I hope it can be fixed cosmetically. It's a shame what happened to it. I can relate. I once owned an Atari 1040STE and it was improperly packaged and the case was damaged in shipping. Fortunately, the motherboard was in great shape and I got the case replaced. I exchanged that 1040STe for a MegaSTE. The hard drive needs to be replaced, but the MegaSTE works great otherwise.
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