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  1. Crystal Castles was a game-changer for me because it was different and inviting to play the game. It was cute and horrific at the same time. It was my favorite Atari arcade game and still is. It just drew me in. It's like 3D Pac-Man with a plot. I don't think that it was done that way before, but I don't know. I loved the graphics and wished that they made a Saturday Morning cartoon after it. I loved it. When I got the A2600 version of it, I was a little disappointed because the levels were different in layout. But, I still played the game until I made it through every castle in the A2600 version, getting more than 700,000 points playing the game. I never have beaten the arcade version, but I want to see the castle at the end of the game for myself, playfully called "The End: Level 10." It redefined fun for me and was a great challenge.
  2. I would put these on my list: Crystal Castles. It was a game-changer for me. Phantasy Star Series (1-4). This was one of the most successful JRPG series of all time. Also, King Lassic (Lashiec) returns in PSIV to wreak terror! I loved it. Forgotten Worlds. My favorite Capcom arcade game of all time. Those are the best games, in my opinion.
  3. Well, how can it? Film uses no scan lines. Video does. The only way to get perfect film quality on video is to eliminate the scan lines. Then, and only then, video quality would have no bounds. That, unfortunately, is years into the future.
  4. Interesting, because they had an app that emulated only Irem games once. I had it from the App Store a few years back. They must have changed their stance and disallowed it in the past few years then. That's why I don't see it there anymore. Fascinating.
  5. You know, I just brought my cat to the vet. She needed shots and a checkup. She is still quite healthy but needs some dental work and future blood work done. But, she is still doing good for a 13-year-old cat. She'll be alright. :O)
  6. I understand the shelter-in-place situation with that, of course. Hopefully, vaccines for COVID-19 come out soon. That would help.
  7. That's too bad. It's a shame that they couldn't repair it. A loss for sure.
  8. Oh. OK. That's cool. Sorry, didn't realize it was a joke. It's all good. :O)
  9. Interesting. I don't have any code for it, if that is what you mean. I was just curious to see if it could come to fruition someday.
  10. I thought that you meant the main code for one disc. But, I guess with a 700 MB CD-R, it still would be well more than 9,560 lines of code. It's actually a lot of space, for a compact disc, for most things. Also, the Jaguar CD can handle disc capacities of up to 790 MB. but, the CDs never went that high for the Jag. However, I think that there were 800MB CDs. Well, there were the GD-ROMs for the Dreamcast, which could go up to a gigabyte in size. But, I am sure that those discs were specially made for that purpose.
  11. You're welcome. I guess with over 20 gigabytes of data it would be more lines of code than that. I didn't factor the 25 discs into the equation. :O)
  12. That much for blanks? They must have been VERY high quality discs, then, to justify that price. Again, fascinating.
  13. Sure would be interesting to see it completed. Wishful thinking.
  14. I had heard, though, it was closer to 60-80% complete. That was what I had heard on the Internet on certain sites devoted to video gaming. Interesting.
  15. Yeah. It is. 20 gigabytes of data that is uncompressed. That's a lot of code. Interesting. It's too bad that they at Atari just gave up on it. It was innovative for its time in 1995-96. Too bad. :O(
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