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  1. You're welcome, Omega. Happy to oblige, of course. :O)
  2. I agree about a video on the FMV demos on the Atarimax UltimateSD cart. I didn't know that they were experimenting with that on the A5200. I have heard they were on the A2600, though. It was Dragon's Lair and Bad Apple put on the A2600. It was highly compressed, but it worked. I would love to see a video about those FMV experiments on the A5200. If you can find one, anyway. I seem to have zero luck in finding anything on the Net. I might not be looking hard enough, though. Thanks. :O)
  3. Yes, Venture Reloaded is a modest improvement. I like playing it because it is so much closer to the arcade version. It even sounds more like it. Very good conversion. :O)
  4. You know, I like the site upgrade. It's looking better. I am sure the fruit issue will be corrected, but actually I thought that was part of the upgrade process by compressing it. I didn't think much about it. It's getting there, and I like the results. :O)
  5. Yeah, I noticed that, too. I like the new looks on the member pages. :O)
  6. Venture Reloaded is definitely well-programmed. Unlike the original Venture program, it shows the bonus timer, the treasures collected, and all the original screens in the maps. I also noticed the maps are more compact on-screen. Maybe, this was done for better enhancements to the game. My theory. Thanks for letting me share. :O)
  7. The question is this: Can I post these progressing scores without usurping the high score? I don't want to steal the wind from anyone's sails. That's all. Thanks. :O)
  8. Here's another post, as I am trying to practice. 11,000.
  9. My highest ever: 10,800. Although not the highest score, it's getting there. :O)
  10. Although Winky isn't Evil Otto, you can see the similarities between Venture and Berzerk. The Hallmonsters can be like Evil Otto, if you take too much time in a room. Plus, just like Evil Otto, the Hallmonsters are invincible. :O)
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