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  1. Oh. Sorry. I was busy today. Yup, my turn. :O) Platform: Atari 2600.
  2. Zarlor Mercenary. It's a game I wish I had for my Lynx collection. :O)
  3. However, I would keep my Jaguar out and my Lynx with their collections. They would take up the least space in an apartment.
  4. If I needed to move into a studio apartment, I would probably have to put my games in storage somewhere. Like a warehouse or something. Emulation works with this scenario, but to a point. What if you can't play your favorite game in emulation? Some emulation may not cover all games. So, what if your game is unsupported? I would research that first to see if my favorite games are covered. But, if you have the adequate storage and the resources, do it. But, if not, maybe secure those resources somehow. Maybe share a space with a friend in a warehouse, then pick and choose your games wisely. I kn
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