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    Too busy to be playing anything recently
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    Christmas stuff
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    Classic Video Games and Modern Nintendo! Don't care much for Xbox/Playstation/Mobile gaming. I enjoy long nature walks and bird watching. I also like kayaking, gardening, and fishing (though I never catch anything).
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    Super Nintendo
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    Everything I got from fellow Atari fans from the internet! See "About Me" section for a full list.
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    I don't know. It changes frequently.
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    ThAt'S bEfOrE mY tImE!!!! The Rushes resort's old arcade, by the way (RIP)
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    Either Major Havoc, Crystal Castles, 1943 or Donkey Kong 3
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    It's a Wonderful Life
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    We finished The Office and I am incredibly sad.
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    Not a big comic book guy, but I like some of the superhero movies.
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    I don't think I ever got anything there
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    Atari 7800 Game by Game Podcast
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    The No Swear Gamer, Arcade USA, The Atari Creep
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    Gangster Alley on the Atari 2600.

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  1. Guys, I did it. I GOT A JOB!!!

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    2. HDN


      Yeah. Honestly, if I get a more conventional job someday (like in retail or fast food or something) I would probably still hang out with the guy and help him out if he needed it. But for now, I kind of need the money! 
      I hope to save the vast majority of my earnings for future things like college and stuff. However, I would like to celebrate the occasion and maybe pick up a game sometime soon. I was thinking maybe Missile Command. After that, who knows! I might slowly save up for a ColecoVision or Genesis.

      This also means I can finally fund my giveaway myself! I know I have been talking about doing this for a while, but I have been trying. Hopefully nobody is too upset with all of the delays.

      Also, @socrates63, he is actually from your area! 

    3. socrates63


      What do you mean he is from my area? The man you're working for is Korean?

    4. HDN


      No. I meant the Seattle area. Sorry for the confusion.

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