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    Everything I got from fellow Atari fans from the internet! See "About Me" section for a full list.
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  1. What exactly did we do to make the gators seek revenge? Was it because of the purses, shoes, and wallets we crafted from their flesh? Was it because of how we destroyed their habitats to create large tourist attractions? Nobody truly knows how exactly we wronged our Floridian crocodilian compadres, but they seem to be handling it pretty well. At least, on the surface...



    1. RickR


      I tells ya who needs revenge...the label on my cartridge.  Something rubbed it the wrong way!

      Here's my high score for today.



      gator pinball 002.JPG

      gator pinball 004.JPG

      gator pinball 005.JPG

    2. socrates63


      It's available for the 3DS. I'll have to take a look in the e-shop.

      I figure the 'gator doesn't like being caught and locked up. So that's where the revenge factor comes in 🙂 

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