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    Everything I got from fellow Atari fans from the internet! See "About Me" section for a full list.
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  1. I guess it's confession time.

    I've never told anyone about this before because I felt a little embarrassed about it, but ever since Algebra class last year, I've had a crush on this girl who was at the same table as I. We used to laugh and fool around and have all the fun. I have no idea how I even passed that class. We messed around the entire period every single day.

    I've never quite felt this way before, and I've kept it completely to myself for the last year. This was one of the tougher parts of the pandemic for me, as silly as that sounds. We've kept in touch the whole time, though it really isn't the same. I was always scared of asking her out at the time because I was scared of rejection, though I was pretty sure she liked me back. I think that it's damn time I do something about it all, virus permitting. Even if I do get friendzoned or something, I would have at least put myself out there. Nothing will come of sitting here wishing for things.

    I figure just talking about it would probably help me feel better about it. Like I said, I haven't said a word to anybody about this. Talking about it to another person will probably help me feel a bit more confident about it all. Sorry for the excessive blabbering about high school garbage like this.

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      Looking forward to Sunday, though it’s a little scary. But I’m confident I’ll be okay. Let’s just hope I don’t screw anything up.

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