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  1. Looks like you’re going to need some WD40 and brute strength! Luckily I know someone who can help you take the game out:
  2. M-m-m-m-mail call! A kind soul in another Atari group sent this to me. If you’re reading this Tim, thank you so much! Some brief thoughts on these games: LASER BLAST: This game is monotonous and repetitive as all get out. But, I’ve found myself having a lot of fun with it recently! It’s brain dead, but it can be fun in spurts. I’m going to go for the patch. SUPERMAN: I never liked this game as a kid because I had no idea what to do. A few months ago I gave it another shot and had a blast! So happy to have this great game in my collection. SWORDQUEST FIREWORLD: Blech. U
  3. I love the stock CX 40, though I’ve used two in my life that were completely different feeling. One was stiff but had a nice clicky button, the other stick was looser and nicer to use but had a mushier button. I like the second one more.
  4. Adventure is a fantastic game in all respects. Truly one of the greats. But let’s not overlook Superman, which was made using the same “engine”. It’s not as polished or popular nowadays, but once you figure it out it’s a blast of a game.
  5. I wonder what the arcade ports of Pac-Man, DK, etc would look like had early (80-84) Activision done them for the 2600.

    1. socrates63


      Well, the 2600 version of Donkey Kong was done by an Activision co-founder Garry Kitchen in 1982. It seems the business constraints trickled down to constrain project resources (reduced memory size, development schedule). I'm not sure Activision developers would have done any better given the same requirements. Here's a Donkey Kong making-of written by Garry Kitchen himself.

      Similarly with Pac-Man, if the non-game designers would not dictate game design requirements (only space games can have black background), we'd have a better game.

  6. By the way, @socrates63, here’s River Raid. 27,290
  7. I remember an old show that I used to catch the beginning few seconds of my DVR’d Scooby Doo Where Are You episodes on the channel Boomerang, which played a bunch of old cartoons. When I first played Private Eye, I thought it was based off this mystery show. Now I know that Private Eye wasn’t affiliated with any particular TV show nor was one made based on the game. What show was this?
  8. I do, yes. But there will still be the matter of getting the 10,000 pound box in the basement, and with my parents home 24/7 until May that will be difficult. I’ll just wait until then.
  9. Thanks @RickR. I’ll try that. Maybe I should just hook up my flatscreen finally. It’s been sitting down there for months but I haven’t been motivated to hook it up yet. I much prefer to play the older games on CRTs, and 99% of games I play on a regular basis are old. I could do what I did in the past where I hooked up a small CRT next to the big TV, but it’s not as good as a big one. Craigslist has a Trinitron near me for free but my parents don’t want to be bothered with helping me pick it up. It sucks not being able to drive.
  10. I need some help, guys: My CRT has some problems nowadays that it didn’t use to have before. I’ve put up with these issues for a few months now but I’m starting to reach the end of my rope! What the TV does is shut itself off when there is no signal, which it has not done in the past. The real problem is even if I turn the system on before the TV, if the game itself is too dark (ie a black background), the TV will also shut itself off. What I have to do is turn on something bright (like the blue screen of a VCR) and let the TV warm up for 10-30 minutes before I can play something wi
  11. Thought I’d show the 2600 collection.
  12. And in the game you also have to prevent the dollar tree from burning down!
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