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  1. Birthday games and a video capture device! What do you guys think?


    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. socrates63


      Looks good! 

    3. RickR


      Looks and sounds good.  Very professional if you ask me. 

    4. HDN


      New test video. This one worked out loads better. The Doki Doki one had something like 435 dropped frames in a four minute video (I assume most were in that birdo fight). This one had only 5, all of which showed up pretty much as soon as I clicked the “Start Capture” button. It sounds much nicer now! I haven’t noticed any times when it was out of sync yet.


  2. New decor courtesy of @socrates63. The man knows me well! These are from Retro Gamer’s Loft, and they’re awesome! There’s another DK3 one not pictured.
  3. My grandfather in the nursing home with COPD got coronavirus days before the vaccine. This may be the end. A priest was there earlier today. I trust God knows what he’s doing, whether he lives or dies it is His plan.

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    2. HDN


      He was on my dad’s side. The grandfather I mostly talk about on here is still alive. If he had died of COVID I would feel really, really guilty as we have gone over to visit recently and I would blame myself for killing him.

       I haven’t seen my dad’s dad in about a year (kind of sad that coronavirus has been going on for so long).

      I had no idea that when we went to visit in late December 2019 that that would be the last time I saw him. It’s pretty depressing when I think about it.

      Thank you all for the prayers and kind words and thoughts. I truly appreciate it.

    3. socrates63


      My condolences to you and your family, Harry. 💐

    4. DegasElite


      My condolences as well. My mother died of COPD in November of last year. I know how it is. She did not have COVID, but she did have COPD and heart failure. So, I can understand the COPD aspect of it.

  4. Attack of the Timelord! Magnavox Odyssey 2 Difficulty: 1 High Score: 569 November 16, 2020
  5. Daniel LaRusso’s gonna fight?!?

  6. HDN

    Arcade USA

    Sorry that you were treated so poorly and taken advantage of, @Willie!. You’re a good dude. Take care.
  7. Here you go. I don’t know what was happening but for a while I was having some trouble uploading things.
  8. Yes! Something like that is what I was describing to @RickR how it would work in the front-loader. See how it has that little ribbon thing to pull it out of the system? Well, while we're all here let's talk about our NES collections! Also known as the collection I'm the most embarassed by. I only have 21 games for it. Why this one? I only have 24 7800 games, and I'm pretty proud of what I have there so far. I'm decently content with my 22 game N64 collection, even though most of those games are pretty crappy. I don't even really mind my eight-game Game Boy Advance collection. I don't know why I feel this collection of mine is pitiful. Perhaps its because NES collecting has always been so big and I seem to be the weirdo with only a couple of games. Not that I don't like my games, quite the contrary. I'm pretty happy with the games I do have and I think they are a lot of fun. Any self-respecting NES collector should get Lode Runner for example. I think I should make my new year's resolution "get more NES games". I'm looking out for more black box titles, Kid Icarus, Super Marios 2 and 3, Yo! Noid, and of course the Famicom adapter.
  9. This reminds me of this thing I found a few months ago that I drew in second grade. This was shortly after I first saw what is now my Atari 2600. I tried hooking it up when my dad was over at his cousin's house to no avail. Now I know it was because the TV I tried to connect it to used UHF screw terminals rather than VHF, so it wouldn't work. I know this was very soon after I first saw the system as I completely forgot about some of these things' existence until I saw the thing for a second time last March when it was dropped off here at my house, like the Gemstick and Power Stick. These were things I saw with the Atari systems there on that day, mixed in with a few other things that I enjoyed playing on the Atari 2600 emulator. I'll label them here: From top left to bottom right: "[Atari Fuji symbol] Lives" Star Raiders overlay on Video Touch Pad Video Olympics mock screenshot Blocky Fuji Symbol Night Driver mock screenshot Coleco Donkey Kong cartridge Gemstick Tapeworm mock screenshot Pac-Man mock screenshot TV/Computer RF switchbox Power Stick ET sprite that is crossed out Driving Controller 4-Switch Woody
  10. The top loader would certainly make things easier, that's for sure. However, there is a way to do it. I saw one of these once where it was basically the lower portion of an NES cart. Inside was an adapter, and you just attached a Famicom game to it. To pull it out, it used one of those ribbon things you see attached to collector's edition books and bibles and things as a bookmark to pull the whole mechanism out of the console. Pretty ingenious.
  11. Well, nothing to see here folks. Not a Famicom adapter in sight around here. Guess I'll have to go find one then.
  12. Yes. I think it's channel 95.
  13. Recently I've noticed something. There are many Famicom games that look interesting to me that never got released in the United States. Games like Nuts and Milk, Dig Dug, The Tower of Druaga, Devil World, and more. Obviously, being a filthy American, I can't play these games unless I emulate them. So, I'm going to go hunting for the elusive Famicom-to-NES adapter. For those not "in the know": the early prints of certain NES launch titles contain nothing more than Famicom boards inside of an NES shell. The NES actually has more pins on its cartridges than the Famicom, so Nintendo made some official adapters for the boards. These adapters are most commonly attributed to the Robot Series games Gyromite and Stack-Up, but can be found in a few other titles as well. The most common giveaways that you have a Famicom-to-NES adapter inside your cartridge are: It's an early black-box title. Black-box titles are the ones you see parodied so often, with the black border, the pixel art, the off-skew title, and the series label. Games like Excitebike, Wrecking Crew, Duck Hunt, and Gyromite to name a few examples. The adapters are only found in the earlier examples are black box games, not games like Donkey Kong, Volleyball, or Slalom. It has 5 screws. The older NES releases have five screws on the back instead of the usual three. They also don't have a clip on the spine of the cartridge, rather a smooth surface. A five-screw game isn't a dead giveaway that your game has an adapter inside, but it certainly helps you narrow it down a bit. It weighs more than a standard NES game. A non-adapter cartridge typically weighs around 3.5 ounces, while one with it inside weighs around 4.5 ounces. A good comparison is that an adapter cart weighs about as much as two standard Atari 2600 cartridges. Not exactly, but close enough. In the case of Gyromite, the label. As mentioned previously, the black box labels have a series printed in the corner. Gyromite is part of the Robot Series, which has a purple icon. If you find a Gyromite cartridge with a deep-purple Robot Series icon on it, you almost definitely have a Famicom adapter on your hands. The lighter purple cartridge does not. For more information, check out this link. Some things are inaccurate (I'm about 95% certain that Baseball never got an adapter inside of it as it was one of the few games at launch that was actually localized, but who knows), but you'll get the idea of it. https://theoldschoolgamevault.com/blog/articles/1053-the-elusive-nes-famicom-adapter So yes, I'm going to go hunting. I have a few NES games that may qualify already in my pitifully small collection that I'll further investigate later. If I don't have one in there (which is most likely the case), I'll have to go out in the world looking for one. Game Trade, the store I frequent for my retro gaming fix, has a decent selection of imported Famicom games that I'll be able to enjoy should I find one. Then again, there's always the option to get a Famicom, but what's the fun in that?
  14. I can see how that could happen. When I first started collecting many years ago, I felt like in-box games were a complete waste of money. When I got the 2600 and noticed that many CIB games cost the same amount as their loose counterparts, I was pretty excited. Now I’m seeing things. “Oh, x is only a few more dollars in the box than loose,” I find myself thinking more often nowadays. “It’s worth the few extra dollars to look nice on a shelf.” But then, thankfully, I get a hold of and stop myself. So far, I haven’t gotten any games CIB that cost me any more than if I were to buy it loose. Oh yeah, I should make note of the one exception. Discs. I need a case for those. I mean, come on.
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