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  1. My favorite game to play on Halloween that's on the Atari 2600? Well, that's easy. Shocker alert! It's Tunnel Runner again! My favorite 2600 game of all-time is even more enjoyable this season than usual, as the Zots (enemies in the game) always jump-scare me! When I was younger, my sister and I used to scream every time we heard that ominous tune... dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun... I first played Tunnel Runner around the Fall season. To me, this game will always be the most special around the Halloween and Thanksgiving season. Thanks, @nosweargamer for hosting another wonderful giveaway! One of these brought me over to the site, and hopefully this too will bring more members to our Atari I/O community.
  2. @RickR awesome! How long do these things normally take, round-trip? And when it's all done will everyone be posting what they took out/put in here? I hope to participate if you all do another one of these next year. For now, though, I just can't pay for shipping on such a big item AND get stuff to put in it. Hopefully by next time this thing happens, the pandemic will have at least died down enough for me to get a job. On an unrelated note, I have recently made a small map of the continental United States. I traced it on wax paper out of a dictionary and put that over some printer paper so you can't see through it. Since I don't have enough wall space to hang it up, I attached the tiny map to a tiny cardboard box. I have stuck push pins in every place where I got a game with a few exceptions. Wisconsin on the map is too tiny to place all the pins I need in it! It's pretty cool that I got these games from all these places in the USA via the internet that I've never been to personally.
  3. She have a favorite system or something? I guess you could be "Atari 5200 Guy" and she could be "[system name] Girl" or something. I do not know. I'm not good with coming up with usernames. HDN is just my initials. Your wife is welcome to join us here as a member. Hopefully this helps your marriage work out after all. I don't think anyone here is opposed to it. If it helps in real life and might be a step towards saving your marriage, then I don't see a problem with it.
  4. I'm almost done listening to this podcast :( I wish I started collecting Atari 7800 games five years ago. Ten year old me would have totally sent in some written feedback or audio submissions had I known about this podcast and collected 7800 games back then. Great podcast, @nosweargamer. I'm sad that it's over. Good news is that now that I have the podcast app on my phone I can listen to some other podcasts, like the 7800 homebrew, 2600, and 5200 podcasts.
  5. I mean, if it helps you out in your personal life, why not?
  6. If I remember correctly there are some doors to all the different holidays and that Jack dude from the Halloween Land went into the Christmas Land and tried to hijack it? But in the end he realized that Christmas was good or something and saved the day. I think Santa Claus was held hostage by a mummy at some point? I will admit that the stop-motion animation is really well done, but some of the characters are just really grotesque and unappealing to me personally. But to each their own.
  7. No offense to any fans of the movie, but I just don't see the appeal of The Nightmare before Christmas.
  8. My two CRTs I'm using are very fuzzy and glowy, especially the one downstairs! I have a suggestion for you, @socrates63. Play some Atari 2600 in the dark! Nothing beats playing those games in the dark, especially the flashy and epileptic ones! Haunted House, Yar's Revenge, and Worm War I are three examples of games that will light up a dark room with lots of flashing colors! Unless you suffer from epilepsy, I recommend giving those games a try in the dark. Either way, the tamer ones still look fantastic in the dark!
  9. I caught the end of the stream and still need to watch the rest of it. But at the end I made a reference that went unnoticed! Gasp! The horror! So here you go, @nosweargamer. Now you can clean your desk of easily!
  10. @Atari Creep I actually just took the BB-8 out of a box of some of my old stuff in the basement today. However, there was also a rubber ball that seems to have melted all over the box. Maybe it was a chemical thing and the rubber of the squishy ball melted because it didn't like something else in that box. Anyways, now my BB-8 is full of sticky green slime! So I am cleaning it at the present. It probably still works. Thanks for reminding me about this really cool thing! I remember it being awesome and I can't wait to revisit it!
  11. @socrates63 nothing is disappointing! I mean, I’m the Atari Miniature Golf guy! This is unexpected and very nice of you! Thanks a lot!
  12. @MaliciousCarp you should mod the cartridge slot to make it easier to fit games in. You have to crack the ring around the cartridge slot or something. Maybe make a video on it.
  13. Immature? Perhaps. But I felt I needed to add the USPS tracking number into my contacts and change the name to "Postman Pat".

    1. socrates63


      You created a contact for a package tracking number? That might be a brilliant lifehack.

  14. Tempting, perhaps. But since I'm not sending this to anyone else, if I opened it it would just be like normal! I'm just kidding, though. I won't open it before I get the other thing. I can't thank you enough for your generosity, Young. I was really curious on what was sent. I did spend two hours of last night looking through recently sold eBay listings. I tried every keyword that I thought might be a package coming from Young, and nothing matched the city this package was from. In the end, my detective work just ended up being two hours wasted! I was up until around 2 AM. Part of the reason I've been really tired today. If I hide the package, I won't be tempted. I'll be distracted by those 7800 games, like Comman--I mean, a surprise! Hopefully I will be able to play them soon. I feel I'm pretty close to getting my stuff back. If not, Xenoph-- I mean, OTHER surprise game will be nice to look at. Plus, I think I know what I'm going to do with the duplicates, my first ever for a home console!
  15. @nosweargamer have you ever live streamed before?
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