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  1. Platform: Atari 2600 Imagic’s “Star Ship” Different from the Nintendo Not quite Starmaster.
  2. Platform: Intellivision George Plimpton tells me That it’s better than Home Run. But that one made SENSE!
  3. I give it crap, but I actually rather like the 7800 version. I shouldn’t, but I do. I’ll try those computer versions sometime. Right now, I’m playing your OTHER favorite game. You know the one. Fowl versus PhD?
  4. That is........... correct! Whew, the lag was pretty bad there!
  5. Platform: multiple (but this is about the 7800 port) The lag’s real! You could Watch “Godfather” trilogy Before your guy kicks.
  6. Saying prayers and taking vitamins?
  7. Should I tell him or should you, @nosweargamer?
  8. You’re pretty good, here: (point) Keep going, boy, you’re doing real well! Once you get rid of Ganon, we can get back to fishing! And @socrates63, about the bonus point: you want it? It’s yours, my friend, as long as you have enough rubies!
  9. There are actually three! But one of them is very different than the other two and a lot less well known. The first two were Zelda II esque platformers with some very quotable cutscenes. This haiku is referring to one of the three.
  10. Sorry if you took any offense to that. I was only joking! Hahaha! I was wondering when you were going to bring that up! I’m going for Pitfall!
  11. Would you mind telling me what some of the differences are from the released edition? I love Mario Bros, and this is really interesting to me. Sorry if I’m bothering you any.
  12. Bump. Come on guys, let’s get this train rolling again! I’ve gotten plenty of new Activision games since the (God...) nearly six months since anyone posted here. Wow. Time sure flies.
  13. You should check out our new series of Let’s Play videos! Our most recent was Yo! Noid for NES, which I’ll link here. I made a thread in YouTube community a while back (called GoldenPhonautogram) with more videos.


  14. Platform: Phillips CDi Koridai’s hero It sure is boooooring ‘round here... Lamp oil? Rope? Bombs? Mmm?
  15. In this episode, we break out the NES for some Yo! Noid! Will we save the “mayer”? We will try in this episode of Harrison and Nicholas Play. (Harsh language warning)
  16. Yeah that was a typo. Let me fix that...
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