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  1. When I have the funds, I will eat those 7800 games right up! No one wants them apparently, but I do! I wonder why there are so many here but not everywhere else. Must be a Wisconsin thing; most forgotten state, forgotten and failed system. Most of those games are ten dollars. I am excited to get them someday. I'm 99% sure they aren't going anywhere! That store has gone through a lot of 7800s. I have seen at least three there: one CIB, one loose, and one in my house! I had a blast with that system before my mom took it away and I am super hyped for Xevious, Galaga, and Food Fight. And maybe Hat Trick, who knows? I watched that video again today and saw those boxed Channel F games next to the boxed Odyssey 2 games. It got me in a Channel F mood. I would really like that system someday, and I think it is cool that a member here, @Willie!, grew up with the thing! I saw some cool games in my internet travels. If I ever get the system, I would totally get Robot Wars and Dodge It. They look so cool and fun and there is nothing like them on Atari! I think the second generation of video games is fascinating. I love hearing stories of people who grew up with the really obscure systems. My dad, for instance, had an Odyssey 2 in the house. Pretty cool! I really wish he kept it, but at least he kept all of his other consoles.
  2. Hi, my name is Harry, and I am a self-proclaimed Super Metroid enthusiast. I am of the opinion that this is the single greatest video game of all time. I know that some of you( @socrates63 and @RickR) are considering playing this awesome video game sometime soon. Super Metroid, as an open Metroidvania style game, can be confusing at times, especially for those of you who are very used to the simplicity of games from the second and third generations. So, I am here to help. Tomorrow I am going to start re-playing Super Metroid on my SNES to get a fresh taste of the game to better aid new players. If you have questions about the game or are stuck, please post about it here. Old Harry can help you out! If anyone needs help enjoying the game, please post here. I don't expect any new posts until you all start playing the game. Anyone not named @RickR or @socrates63, feel free to play this AWESOME game, and if you need help, post it here! I will try to answer your Super Metroid questions as soon as possible if my daily posting limit allows. I would like for this forum to be mostly questions from players on how to get past certain areas, but you can post about your opinions on the game if you so wish. Please keep conversation on the topic of Super Metroid! I love to talk about other things too, but I would like to keep this topic mostly focused on the game and I would like to try to help others at the game. If you have never heard of Super Metroid or don't know much about it, I will gladly fill you in now! Super Metroid is a platforming game for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System and was released in March 1994. It is the third installment of the science fiction Metroid series. I say sidescrolling platformer, but it isn't what you are thinking of. Unlike Mario, Super Metroid is not divided into strict levels with end goals. There are several areas in the game and the vast majority of them have a boss to fight at the end. Super Metroid involves lots of puzzle solving involving certain items you pick up along the way. You will run into impassable obstacles in the game and have to backtrack or take a detour, only to find an item that can help you pass the obstacle! The beauty of all of the 2D Metroid games are all of those little "Aha!" moments. In Super Metroid, you can save whenever you want at specific save rooms. There are also health and missile recharge rooms and rooms where you can fill out your map, but in later areas there are lots of blank spots you must fill in yourself. Areas on the map you have already traveled to are marked pink while untraveled places are left blue. Little dots on the map can indicate special items, though plenty are hidden! If you like The Legend of Zelda and Super Mario, you will love Super Metroid. Some players feel a bit intimidated by this masterpiece, but there is no need to fear when you have a Harry here on the forums who would love to help you out! I love this game. It is my favorite game. I could gush about how I love this game for hours and hours on end. But the best way to show my love of this 1994 Super Nintendo gem is to help others love it too! Please let me help you out if you are stuck and need a walkthrough or just have questions about this amazing title! The HDN Power Line is 100% Toll-Free! Just type a question on Super Metroid and I will answer! It is crazy how some of you have never played Super Metroid! Tunnel Runner is understandable as it is pretty obscure, but Super Metroid is a pioneer and groundbreaking game that somehow manages to be the defining game of its genre more than a quarter of a century later! That is CRAZY! This game has held up remarkably and I hope you will give it a go! Have a nice night, nice tomorrow, nice everything! You will love this game if you give it a try! It has been rereleased on Virtual Console for Wii, Wii U, New 3DS, and it is even on the Switch Online service. Play this game and ask questions if you need guidance! You won't regret it, I promise!
  3. First off, I have an intellivision flashback and it's really fun. The controllers are quite nice and I really like Snafu and Shark Shark on it, so if you get an intellivision get those games! Genesises are very cheap at my local game store; only about $35. Probably a decent investment. Now, obviously skipping gens 3 and 4 aren't ACTUALLY sad, but you might want to check them out as you will have some fun with them.
  4. Yes. Especially in your area going outside and NOT playing video games must be amazing. I have spent a lot of time outside recently. It is nice enjoying the last of the nice weather. Must be nice with the smoke gone. Video games can be fun if accompanied by other things. Balance is nice.
  5. That is so sad! You have missed out on a TON of quality titles. What games do you currently own? Are you free again Wednesday? We should have another chat about Nintendo, but not just limited to the SNES. We would start by talking about games you already have instead of going out and buying new ones. Anyone else in for another chat this Wednesday? Also, lots of Missile Command votes are coming in! This might not determine my purchase, but it is fun to see everyone's opinions! This may help make up my mind however. I'm looking for a game to keep me entertained for a while. Something with longevity that never gets old. Missile Command and Crystal Castles fit that category. Video Chess is another I am considering along with Grand Prix. Dragster, Demons to Diamonds and Hat Trick I am not so sure about because they seem like games that are only fun in short bursts or with others. Edit: I am also thinking of making a "Super Metroid" topic over at the Nintendo forums to help out newbies like you @socrates63 and also @RickR. I could answer your questions and walk you through the game if y'all get stuck. Think that is a good idea?
  6. Level? Hah! There are no levels in Super Metroid! There are different areas each with their own bosses and items, but the game is somewhat open world. Picture it as Zelda but platforming. You run into obstacles and need specific items to pass. When you find the item later in the game you are like "Aha! I need this to pass this obstacle earlier in the game!" It's very exploratory and has several item puzzles in it. By "given set" I assume you mean set of levels? Well there are no levels. You can play for five minutes or five hours. It is up to you to explore planet Zebes at your own pace. That is part of the beauty of Super Metroid. You really feel like you are "in the game" in a sense. There are no timers or end level "flagpoles". And yes, you can save the game whenever you wish by going into one of many save rooms. Don't save in the one right before the final boss as you can't go back to the rest of the planet if you do. Yup, the only flaw with this game is one wayward save point. Hope you enjoy this groundbreaking title, you two! @socrates63 If I read your post correctly you have only played TWO Nintendo console games? No Super Mario Brothers? No F-Zero? No Mario Kart 64? No Luigi's Mansion? No Super Smash Brothers Melee? No Clu-Clu Land? No Super Mario 64? No Mike Tyson's Punch Out? No Startropics? No Jekyl and Hyde for NES? If I remember from our chat on Wednesday you had a Game Boy, right?
  7. I rewatched the video and counted 51 of the cheaper games. Some notable ones include Hat Trick, Joust, Jinks, Robotron, Ms Pac Man, Choplifter, Centipede, Touchdown, RS Baseball, Food Fight, Galaga, Xevious, Asteroids, and Desert Falcon. In the glass case I saw all three Nintendo titles, Ballblazer, and a few others. I am very fortunate to have this near me! Please do. It's my favorite game of all time. I love it so much. So much. It is absolutely perfect. Almost no flaws whatsoever. You both will have a blast, I promise you.
  8. Not as hard as you would think. Here's a screenshot of a video of the cheap games ($5-$10) fifteen and over are in a glass case and you have to ask for them. This is a little less than half of the cheap games. My dad took this when he picked up One on One and Karateka. There are some Channel F games below them too. It's a great store! @socrates63 Super Metroid will make you a fan. 26 years later it is still the best in its genre. It is so freaking good. The ending is very touching and I will NOT SPOIL IT. There is no dialog after the opening cutscene. All the story is told through subtext.
  9. Video Chess is about what it sounds like. Hat Trick is supposed to suck but I would like to try it. Dragster plays like a mobile game and I am very nostalgic for Grand Prix. @socrates63, I am so excited for you! You got the holy trinity! I was trying to wait until you actually got them to post, but I am just too hyped! You're getting them Monday, right? My mom didn't take the SNES, so I will replay Super Metroid again. It is, hands down, the best video game ever created. Don't spoil it for yourself! I honestly can't believe you haven't played any of the Holy Trinity games!
  10. I have my last $5 discount at my local game store. This is my last hurrah. I spent my money on Mario Kart Super Circuit and Home Run. This discount offers me most of their 2600 games for "free". I was almost 100% set on Crystal Castles, but I'm not sure. Here in this poll are a few games for the 2600 and 7800 I was considering. If you have suggestions not on the poll, please feel free to suggest them below. A much less serious problem than my last poll I made! But your help would be appreciated. I sadly can't play any of these games for a while as my mom still has my Atari stuff. She wants me to learn the guitar before I get them back. *Sigh* I will just wait it out. This has happened before. This poll won't necessarily determine my purchase, but it will help me make up my mind a bit. Plus, it's fun.
  11. I used to have a Vtech learning computer when I was little, obviously much more modern than this one. It had an LCD pixel matrix thing, like a cross between Tiger Electronic LCD Games and true Dot Matrix displays like the one seen on Game Boy. Very low resolution. I had a Thomas the Tank Engine learning computer circa 2007 and this one without the license (exact clone of the Thomas one but with a monkey instead of trains) circa 2009. It is very obvious that they were evolutions of this computer. About that University of Michigan fight song you made early in the video, @nosweargamer. I have a funny story somewhat related to that. A few years ago I found this really cool hat in the basement that happened to fit me perfectly. It was really comfortable and I still wear it to this day. I am not a big sports guy like, at all, so I had no idea that this was a Michigan hat. I only know the sports teams around here that no one will shut up about: the Packers, the Bucks, and the Brewers. I know a few others, like the more famous ones like the Dodgers and the Patriots, but I don't pay much attention to them in the slightest. So, fast-forward to a few months ago, I'm mowing the lawn at my grandparents' house and they are sitting out on the deck talking and stuff. I'm finished mowing the lawn and I come out onto the deck to join them. I have the hat on as it has sort of become my lawn-mowing hat. The first thing my grandpa says to me is: "Harry, at Christmas I am going to get you a real hat." I'm like, "What are you talking about? What is wrong with my hat?" He replies while pointing to the M: "That. We need to get you a hat with Bucky Badger on it instead. You need to be a bit prouder of your state." I know nothing about sports. I'm completely oblivious. I do really like some sports games, and I do know the rules and things of all of the sports, but I have no idea about any of the non-Wisconsin teams or any players or statistics. I will just stick with Home Run, Ten-Yard Fight and One-on-One for the time being.
  12. That is what I was thinking of. Sorry! And sorry for ruining the surprise! I will pretend I don't know. Shhhhh! I didn't see anything...
  13. @socrates63 Didn't your local video game place have a sale recently? Did you pick anything up?
  14. HDN

    Favorite Zelda game?

    @nosweargamer That's cheating! Plus Link to the Past isn't in there. I know they have their fans, but I think all four games are mediocre. I feel all four have aged somewhat poorly. Sorry NES and N64 fans.
  15. What do you think @James Campbell Jr.'s new rare game is?

  16. @socrates63 Inspired me to make this post by mentioning that he recently played 5200 Space Invaders. Well, I guess I will just say it, I'm doing a review of Space Invaders as a pilot for my new YouTube series that I'm only posting here. My buddy is helping and one of you is also, I won't say. But I'm trying to get feedback on all of the versions of the game. I have the 2600 game as the main course but I would like to touch on a few other versions. I have LCD and arcade and maybe Famicom covered. I have never played the 5200 version, so I need your thoughts on it! And also the Atari 8-bit version if you want. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
  17. Gee, it sure is BOOOORING around here... Just kidding! Not a very active day for me on the forums though... Just not feeling it today I guess.

  18. To answer your question, @MaximumRD, no. Not directly. I live in the upper Midwest which is probably the safest place natural disaster-wise in the US. I know @DegasElite also lives up here, but I haven't seen smoke yet and it has been very clear outside. I'm not sure if the smoke just hasn't made its way to us or not or if it is not going to come at all. Though I have heard that ash from Mount Saint Helens could be seen up here back when that was a thing. I wasn't around then, so I can't speak for that. I haven't been affected directly, though I was pretty worried when the fires were on their way to @RickR's house.
  19. Found a copy today at my local game store that happened to be only $5 instead of $10. I may have hidden it behind the Colecovision games for when I am ready for it. I have also noticed that all common Atari 2600 sports games are only $2. I can afford one of those. Maybe Bowling or Golf and Crystal Castles with my discount.
  20. So it's partially you and partially the ball, right? Makes sense. Never used a home trak ball controller, so it doesn't help, but thanks anyways. That's horrible! What a ripoff! At least you're playing Tempest and not something like Breakout with it.
  21. I can't for... various reasons. I can't pay for shipping and I don't have anything to put into it. But it does look like fun and I am sure others would be interested.
  22. Oh, his 7800 Strategy guide? I was going to design it on a computer, but I have been banned from the printer after accidentally printing multiple copies of something last year and draining all of the ink. So I'm hand-drawing it. I'm also including in the package a "The HDN Advantage" mini poster. It features images on it from other games I made around the same time. I even drew it hastily like whoever made the real "Atari Advantage" poster! The label on the compact disc is also based on 7800 Pole Position II. I really like the basic, cliparty monochrome style of that label and wish more 7800 labels did that instead of just regurgitating the box art in grayscale.
  23. Thanks for everyone's kind words here. Seven of you have voted at the time of writing this, and I think that will help my case here. I have also been trying to focus more on other things, like art and video-making. I have been doing pretty good in school, and I have before the games were taken away, so that isn't an issue. Thanks for being so supportive. Thankfully, I still have my computer, old as it is! Unfortunately, things haven't gotten much better around here. Still a lot of fighting and arguing. Not just about video games, but other things I won't get into here. Right now, I'm trying to get my DSi back so I can use Flipnote Studio to animate a segment of my upcoming Space Invad-- er, I mean, Mystery Review pilot. Again, thank you all for the nice words and good advice. And thanks for being an online oasis. I like to talk, well, a lot. My friends all have social media apps like Snapchat, Instagram, and Tik Tok. My parents don't let me get those, but it's not like I want them. I just like to talk to people, and it has been a bit lonely since quarantine started. After a few months, it starts to get to you. I'm glad I came over here to talk to others about my true passion: retro video games. Thanks for being there. I mentioned before in a recent status update that I was porting a few of my games to disc. I couldn't put pictures there and I didn't want to make another post and run down my daily posting limit, so I decided on posting the pictures here. I'm not quite done yet, but I think it is coming along nicely. I hope to port more of my old games over to executables on disc someday. It's a fun project. This beaut, HDN Run Duology + The Criminy Maker, contains three games and is making its way over to @RickR's house when I'm done with it. The back of the Jewel case even parodies the manual for the excellent Tunnel Runner! The two HDN Run games I made in 2018 and 2019 respectively. The Criminy Maker was also a 2019 game, and it is a level creator spinoff of my Criminy Chronicles series that was quite popular in my small school. The games aren't great and don't have very high production values, but 8th grade me tried his darndest at making a few fun games. I think they are fun for the most part, and I like porting them to disc as it gives them a bit more appeal and value. I haven't really tried making a game since 8th grade as I don't technically know any real script-coding language. I used a graphical-style coding language for those games I made.
  24. Oh, me? Nothing much. Just working on my new physical game for @RickRHDN Run Duology. It's a physical edition of some Endless Runner-style games I made in 8th grade. The back of the jewel case even parodies the Tunnel Runner manual! I don't know how to post pictures in status updates though, so I can't show you here.

    I hope to make physical editions of some of my other games that I made oh-so long ago.


  25. Yes. Thankfully I won't have to take a ferry to get there. We may stop and feed the geese as well in our travels. If you couldn't tell, I'm a bit of a goose-maniac. I even bought Untitled Goose Game on Switch at launch. The goose in my profile picture now responds when we call his name. He won't be flying anywhere anytime soon. Geese aren't evil. They put up a charade. There is nothing on a goose that can hurt you. Unless 50 of them try to smother you.
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