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  1. I love this game. I’m happy to finally own a copy.
  2. That reeks of 80s, and I love it for that reason. Awesome find.
  3. I made this myself and I’m quite proud of it.
  4. Huh. I never expected it to be good. Interesting take, @Sabertooth!
  5. This thread has made me give some of these games another go, and now I’m hooked on this blasted thing. Curse you, nasty Othello computer! As for that picture, here you guys go. It’s not much but it’s something. I didn’t realize I had so few Classic games! I’d like to collect more, but I’m not sure I can justify collecting more 2600 games with an Unocart. I know many of you have said it’s fine to collect more, but I’m not sure myself. Maybe eventually, but not just yet. Anyways of these games, Video Chess is probably my favorite. Casino is great too. I’m too bad at 3DTTT and I’m not sure if I like it against the computer just yet (but it’s fun with others).
  6. Thanks for the offer, @RickR. I talked to my dad though, and he says he’s good for now. But thanks anyways.
  7. Anybody have Atari Flashback Classics for switch? I just got it from the library. I’d love to play some online Atari with you guys!

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    2. HDN


      They come on cartridges!

      I can’t begin to tell you guys how much I HATE that we’re moving away from physical media.

    3. RickR


      Thanks, Harry.  I know I've asked before, but is there a model of Switch I should avoid?  I think you said to avoid the cheaper model that does not have the detachable joy-slidey things, as they tend to break after a year. 


    4. HDN


      Yeah. Avoid the “lite” model.

  8. My dad had QFTR back in the day. When we got our O2 a few months ago, he wanted to collect all the games he had as a kid. He was devastated to see the price tag on a complete Quest for the Rings, lol.
  9. Oh lord. This game is simply a blast to play. For a 2600 title, it’s very unique. No lives, multiple screens with drastically different gameplay, fun and satisfying mechanics, great graphics; everything that makes a great 2600 gem. I would have to say that one of my favorite parts of this game is seeing what alien creatures I’ll be rescuing next. There are a ton of the little guys! Who needs Pokémon when you have Cosmic Ark? The Space Zap section is also a lot of fun. It gets so heated and intense in the later levels, and the mode works because you’re punished if you shoot your lasers Willy-nilly. You have to be precise in your shooting. Overall, this game rocks! It’s a shame we didn’t see a sequel. I would have loved to see Atlantis III.
  10. You got it! I was expecting to trick someone, but you are all too clever!
  11. Oh God. That’s horrible! But it’s dark enough to be funny. “Stevie likes to hear his friends having fun” LOL
  12. When I get home from the farmers market, I’ll have to take a picture of my collection of “classic” games I have.
  13. Ikari Warriors is probably my favorite AVGN episode. I love it so much. Especially the bloopers. (Relatively mature content warning)
  14. I haven’t experienced any problems with my Windows PC. Mostly because I’m still running Windows Vista in 2021 and I’m proud of it! I refuse to switch over to 10 because I’m a stubborn person.
  15. Probably Discord, as that’s instantaneous (albeit 40 minutes delayed) and I don’t need to bother refreshing the page constantly. But I’m with @RickR! Mars internet, here we go! (Though, who’s gonna be on it?)
  16. PAC-MAN (Atari 2600) DIFFICULTY: Mode 1; A/A DEADLINE: Whenever the next real High Score Challenge is posted Happy summer, Atari.io! @Justin seems pretty busy lately, and so to keep the spirit of the Squad Challenge alive, I have decided to make a temporary, unofficial replacement until the real deal happens again. I picked a game I know everyone here has! Make sure to include a picture of your score. May the best score win!
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