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  1. 7 hours ago, CrossBow said:

    Ah see I bought mine from TBA sometime back and figured that was how they all looked? I do like these cases more but again the TBA UNOcarts use a standard SD card instead of micro and it feeds in on the top like on the Harmony.


    I had to go out and buy a microSD for this thing! You forget how tiny the game files are when you realize you have a little less than 16 gigabytes free on the 16 gigabyte SD card you’re using!

  2. 1 hour ago, CrossBow said:

    Well it still isn't like any UNOcart for the 2600 I've seen. I own one and it uses a standard size SD card that plugs in on the top not the side. So that has to be something different. Harmony carts don't plug in from the side either.


    It isn't like any I've seen online before either. I'll have to double-check with Doug on this one. What I can tell you for now is that it's custom built from spare boards he had laying around from some of his Pluscart-building (I think), and I *believe* the SD card reader was one he attached himself. The UI is definitely an Unocart one, and it has no Wifi connectivity whatsoever.

    He did make a video on it a while back when the contest was still going on. 

    I'll ask him and get back to you.

  3. 9 hours ago, CrossBow said:

    This must be the newer plus version. Does this have WiFi that you can attach to and download games via the web from? Also it is nice to have the SD slot on the side now. My uno is an older one that uses a standard SD cart on the top label edge of the cart. Been meaning to see about swapping out the original SD reader on it with a spring loaded one.


    No, I'm afraid it isn't the Wifi version, though the same guy who sent me this (Doug Venner) is also giving away one on the Atari 2600 Game by Game Podcast that you can enter to win. This was part of another little giveaway he did. I believe this is a Pluscart shell though, but it's definitely not one on the inside. That's OK with me though; as long as I have a form of playing 2600 games on a flashcart I'm good! The only problem with this as opposed to a Harmony cart is that it can't play the big new homebrew games like Draconian or Space Rocks. Crazy Balloon has been giving me problems as well, but it worked fine for the first few days. Now whenever I move my balloon right it'll exit the game.

  4. I know the system has its fans and I can't fully judge it as I haven't tried one yet, but solely going off the reviews @nosweargamer and others have made on the system's games, it seems very hastily done and almost scam-like. Using ROMs for other systems in the arcade compilations, for instance. You could just play the arcade games (or very similar recreations of them) on other compilations, like Namco Museum and that Atari compilation whose name escapes me on Switch. Even some older compilations like Namco Museum DS seem to have more effort put into them.

    And I get the Evercade games are cheaper and better suit a certain demographic. But still! It's not that much harder to port the arcade versions of these games (or emulate them properly, like the paddles in the Atari compilations). I doubt rights are an issue in many of these cases.

    The Evercade has a lot of potential, and I'd just like to see it meet it. No ill wishes towards it or those who bought it are intended.

  5. 2 hours ago, RickR said:

    Wow, Voyager 1 is 14 BILLION miles from Earth.  Incredible. 


    *SPITS OUT DRINK* What? I didn't think it was going that fast. Well, I suppose it's been a while.

    Voyager 1 was launched in the early seventies, right? Do we still have "contact" with it today?

  6. On 4/17/2021 at 7:00 PM, RickR said:

    Nice pick ups!  I can't argue with any of your reviews.  I like Superman a lot too.  My only complaint is that I've never been able to memorize where everything is.  And that subway system just makes it worse for me. 

    Yeah, I can’t memorize it either. I see people beating it in a minute and a half, and I can barely get under 5!

    Another new pickup, an Unocart I won! This thing is great.


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