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  1. For all you Odyssey 2 fans with a 3D printer or access to one out there, I offer you these models I made! You can print them out and stick them on your game room shelf to display next to your Odyssey 2 collection! This ZIP file contains four .stl models to print!

    Spyrus the Deathless, Timelord of Chaos! from one of the best Odyssey 2 games, Attack of the Timelord! Red filament recommended.

    KC Munchkin! from the popular game of the same name. Blue filament recommended.

    Muncher! one of the enemies from KC Munchkin. Red, green, orange, or purple filament recommended.

    Odyssey 2 person sprite! is special because it is meant to represent two different sprites: the front facing Odyssey 2 person and the side facing one. Depending on how you look at it, it will look like a different sprite! This effect is magnified when using a light source to cast a shadow of the model onto a wall. This sprite made in appearence in many Odyssey 2 games, including (but not limited to) Football! Baseball! Blockout! Breakdown! Matchmaker! Alien Invaders-- Plus! and more. Recommended filament colors include blue, red, yellow, white, and more.

    I hope you enjoy my models! I may make more in the future, and I already have a few Atari ones made I'll share. These are 100% free for anyone to use for themselves. They look nice on a shelf (I would know) and maybe it would make a nice homemade gift for the Odyssey or Videopak fanatic in your life.

    Happy printing, everyone!



  2. 12 minutes ago, dauber said:

    Mine has been stuck in my 7800 since it arrived the day I got home from my vacation two and a half weeks ago.

    Looks like you’re going to need some WD40 and brute strength! Luckily I know someone who can help you take the game out:


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