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  1. Adventure would be a fantastic co-op game.

  2. No, but I should specify a bit: it's a famous mascot character.
  3. Platform: Sega Master System, Game Gear, SAME TITLE AS THE GENESIS GAME BUT A DIFFERENT GAME! More like Mario Different than the Genesis The much better game
  4. Not related, NOOOOO! Seasonal allergies came back in full force this morning. I forgot how sucky they were. I planned on going kayaking this weekend, but if it keeps up like this I may have to wait a bit. Ugh, I hate this. Platform: Atari 2600 Six variations Strike the turkey, or spare it? Do a little dance
  5. Good evening! Today was one of the strangest days I have ever had, schedule-wise. I think I was only awake for eight hours but I’m so tired!

  6. I think we should start a "cool pictures" thread! This is an amazing sight to see. Thanks for sharing!
  7. Platform: Odyssey 2 Defeat is at hand Centipede and Galaga A good time killer
  8. I don’t know what brought it on, but today I really miss my grandfather. He could have still been here had he held on for just a few more days. I’m sorry for bothering anyone, I just felt like I needed to tell somebody.

    1. HDN


      I’m sorry about your dad, @RickR. I’m certain he’s looking down on you as well. The deceased live on in our memories and the stories we share about them.

    2. HDN


      This will lighten the mood for us both. Unless you’re afraid of snakes.


    3. RickR


      The ragtime giant snake is hilarious! 

      Here's an oldie that I'll never get tired of.  A dude that sneezes into his trombone.



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  9. You’re right on! You’re a haiku whiz(ball)! Ill let myself out...
  10. The episode is out! It should be arriving on Apple Podcasts and other services soon. https://anchor.fm/harry-neubauer--nick-may/episodes/Episode-1---History-of-the-Studio-II-and-built-in-game-Freeway-essmob
  11. Platform: Fairchild Channel F (the plot thickens) The boulder tumbles on You better shoot the thing quick Get it in the goal
  12. No it’s not bad humor. platfomr: RCA Studio II All it does is call A number you mark on cards Was it released though?
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