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  1. The original Sonic the Hedgehog on GameGear is probably my favorite Sonic game to be honest.
  2. That's a great thing about Atari and other older games. Got a few minutes to kill? Play some Q*Bert or Vanguard.
  3. Thanks, @kamakazi20012. Only problem is I don't think I have a place to put it... It's too wide to fit in one of the cubbyholes that I have in our gameroom. Guess it can just sit on the floor when I get it for a while until I find a good place for it.
  4. @kamakazi20012 as much as people hate it, the Wii U is truly an amazing console. When I was ten years old, I never wanted anything more in my life than a Wii U and Super Mario Maker. The console holds a very special place in my heart indeed. It also served as the multimedia center in my family for a few years before we finally upgraded to a smart TV. I use it for YouTube and Netflix on the TV in my room mostly nowadays. A good perk for Wii U owners is that the games are much less expensive than their Switch equivalents. You can buy Pikmin 3 Deluxe when it comes out on Switch for $60, or buy vi
  5. @RickR I could never get the hang of this game. What are you even supposed to do? Just mash the button until your engine blows out?
  6. Don't own the game, and don't plan to own it anytime soon. I have, however, emulated it. I can't help you any; the only thing I ever can do in this game is blow the engine.
  7. Stunt cycle and video pinball are pretty cool. Did these have microprocessors in them?
  8. I'm so sorry for you. I would help if I could.
  9. That's nice. I'll always prefer the Vader though :) I got my first two 2600s a few months ago. They were both broken, but luckily I was able to fix them. They came from my Dad's cousin who was getting rid of them. They came with a bunch of cool stuff, like a ton of games (mostly CIB & mint), comics, catalogs, and this cool ET poster. I have been emulating the games on my wii for nearly a decade, however.
  10. @LeeJ07 Nice collection. Being this is an Atari site I have to ask: did you ever recollect any Atari things?
  11. I can't even imagine. I'm so sorry. You should use that wii for emulation. It's pretty good at everything below ps1. I also applaud you for choosing the red color. I have a black one, GameCube backwards compatible too.
  12. That's sad. One of my biggest fears has always been a housefire.
  13. Your setup is very much improved! I'm happy to have found one of the 8 other Wii U owners!
  14. Nothing truer than that! I always hated Crystal Castles until I stumbled across the arcade machine about a year ago. Now it's one of my favorites. A similar thing happened with Breakout and I.
  15. Donkey Kong Atari 2600 Difficulty: Default High Score: 60,800 August 19, 2020
  16. It's official-- I'm getting an Atari 7800 ProSystem next week!

  17. Do they utilize the touch screen for trak ball/paddle/video touch pad controls?
  18. Update, everyone! Today my local game store called me back. They're getting a system in next week, and since I'm the only one on the list, it's coming home with me! I've got all my Christmas money accounted for, and I'm going to buy me a 7800! Thanks so much for all of your help, everyone!
  19. YES!!! Finally! I've always thought they looked more like seahorses than ducks or dragons as well!
  20. @nosweargamer There are DS greatest hits carts? I need to pick those up! I'm a huge DS fan. I'm aware of a few GBA compilations and even own some but never saw any for the DS.
  21. I can't deny the historical and cultural significance of Sgt. Pepper's, but I don't think it's their best work like so many others do. Revolver is a better album in my humble opinion.
  22. No, dude, you're fine! The reason I started this conversation was to see others' opinions on this game. Just because I like it doesn't mean everyone else has to. We're all entitled to our own opinions. A little friendly debate about Donkey Kong Junior of all things never hurt anybody.
  23. I spent a chunk of the day looking for it. Heh heh... It was in the thread Coolest Atari Game? in Classic Gaming General.
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