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  1. Dammit Rick. The snow miser song will be stuck in my head for the next 9,812 days. Thanks a lot, Mr. White Christmas. Platform: RCA Studio II Press key four to start With no game in the console The race of your life!
  2. I forgot about how long I’ve been fixated I’ve been on this system for! I’m glad I can play it now. Someday I’ll get one.
  3. My PC’s pretty embarrassing but I love it. Windows Vista Dell with intel core Laptop A vitually dead battery, so if the system isn’t plugged in it will shut off a cracked screen because I stupidly set a lava lamp on there once while cleaning when it was closed, not realizing what I had done. I’m a bumbling moron. I will check the specs tomorrow. They aren’t great. Probably on par with the Channel F.
  4. @Willie! did a great video on the RCA Studio II a while back. I can't believe he actually had one of these as a kid! That's awesome! I think he's the first person I've met so far (at least, that I know of) that actually grew up with one of these! @Willie!: if you have any feedback about Freeway on the system, we'd LOVE to hear from you! Speaking of feedback, @RickR, I forgot to thank you for your feedback! I can't believe you also played one of these as a kid! I looked up that Tomy handheld game, and it looked pretty interesting. If I ever find one in the wild, I'd love t
  5. Try this one out, @RickR. It works a lot better.
  6. That's okay! I do stupid crap like that all the time. A few updates: 1). I emailed Shinto and now we have a page on the game by game podcast site! http://studioii.gamebygamepodcast.com/ 2). THE Kevin Bunch is helping me out with this project by supplying some audio! I wanted to include some in the podcast, but since my emulator has no sound and I couldn't find any good sources of it online (that is, coming from the studio II's internal speaker), I asked him for some help. He agreed! I'm a bit starstruck to be honest...
  7. I'm using the Stem emulator that I found here. Specifically, the Windows 3.11 version. https://www.zophar.net/rca/stem.html It only comes with the built-in games. I downloaded the other games from the Github page I mentioned above. Thanks for playing along!
  8. Sadly, no. I don't have a Studio II as of yet. However, I do hope to get one relatively soon. It's such an obscure thing, and so hard to come across. I'm using emulation and a keyboard. So at least I get to play the games with the same interface as intended. It has been working pretty well for me. I've wanted to try out the Studio II for a long time.
  9. Hello, Atari.io! I've fallen down a rabbithole these past few months, and it's culminated into me starting my own podcast with @Zerobeat2004 about the "worst video game system of all time", the RCA Studio II. I know that not many of you have actually played an RCA Studio II system before, so I hope you all can learn something about the system from this podcast, scheduled for release next month. I'm currently getting everything together that we need. This should be a lot of fun. We are going to have listener feedback as a part of the show, much like other game by game podcasts. Our fi

    Have you guys heard all the retro gaming podcasts? Did you notice a particular system was being left out? There was Atari of course, and Intellivision and Colecovision. Even the Odyssey 2 and Channel F joined in on the fun! But one system was left alone in the dust, never to have a podcast for. 

    That is until next month. Ladies and gentlemen, introducing our very own RCA Studio II game by game podcast, featuring yours truly and @Zerobeat2004 as the hosts! Coming in early April.

  11. Platform: Atari 8 Bit, 7800 Buffalo fighting? Well, one of the characters It sure ain’t Punch-Out!
  12. HDN


    Episode 2 is here! All 7800 games this time!
  13. Platform: Arcade, colecovision I went over to My best friend Otto’s dad’s house But he just shot me!
  14. Okay then! Platform: multiple My grandpa, Ron, stars Hunting robots ‘stead of deer I’ll just play Berzerk
  15. The REAL Atari Night episode 2 is dropping TONIGHT! It’s all 7800 games! You guys excited?

    1. HDN


      Had I not already deleted it, that would have made for a good April Fools video.

      I am thinking either 2600 adventure games or Activision next. What do you think?

    2. RickR


      There's no wrong answer. 

    3. HDN
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  16. Oh whoops! Taz autocorrected to tax. I’ll let @nosweargamer have the is one though, as the game isn’t about taxes! At least this one isn’t.
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