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  1. Thanks again @Willie! for mentioning us on your video! I've already seen some people come from your video.

    Also, big thank you to Atari Archive a bunch for the sound effects for the show! I received them today.

    Reminder to all: get your Freeway/similar games feedback in by the end of the day TOMORROW! Send it to our email, rcastudiopodcast@gmail.com

  2. 5 minutes ago, RickR said:

    Oh man!  The swear words are a must. 

    Type and Tell!

    There was a similar program for Atari/C64 called "S.A.M." and whent the Soundblaster came out for PC, they included a "Dr. Sbaitso" program.  Swear words in different generations. 

    I love the SAM voice!

    In our generation, we had Tomadachi Life for swearing. Getting those Mii characters to sing songs about the F bomb were always fun. I never played the game, but my sister has it and my friend Owen used to talk about it. And, of course, Google Translate and Acapella Box. Of all of these voices through the years, the Odyssey 2 still ranks among the best of them for its silly voice and how iconic it is to us who know the system. The Intellivoice could have used one, but unlike The Voice it was not a speech synthesizer; just a mere "word-sayer doohickey". I don't think it was capable of saying words that weren't built in.

    It's hard to out-cool the Odyssey 2.

    But yes, you're correct.

  3. Let's say you didn't have a Nintendo, but you really wanted to play Nintendo games like Super Mario and Zelda! Well, you can't, but you can play similar games! I invite you to think of your own Atari 2600 alternatives to NES games in the replies! Here are a few of mine:

    Instead of Zelda, play Adventure!

    Instead of Super Mario Brothers, play Pitfall!

    Instead of Punch-Out, play Boxing!

    Instead of Metroid, play Montezuma's Revenge!

    Instead of Rad Racer, play Fatal Run or Enduro!

    What are some you can think of?

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