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  1. A gamer/reseller in a local group is having a garage sale today. Turns out he lives only 5 minutes from me, so I stopped by this morning. There was an in-the-box Odyssey 2 for $20 that was calling me, but I paused to think about my collecting rule not to go older than the 2600. While I was thinking about it, someone snagged it--how rude 😆 but moral crisis abated 🤣 I've been on a Dynasty Warriors kick lately. When I mentioned that I enjoyed the combat in Drakengard, someone recommended that I give Dynasty Warriors a look. Turns out he was right. I'm currently playing Dynasty Warriors Gundam on the Xbox 360.
  2. I haven't been able to improve my score--but I've been trying every day 😄. Closest I've gotten so far is 55k today.
  3. Beautiful set, Rick. I totally agree about the coiled cable. I'm glad the SVA controllers did away with that. I had been thinking about picking up the original Intellivision, but now that I have this one, I won't be looking.
  4. Fresh arrivals! I picked these up from AtariAge Marketplace on Facebook. Only took a couple of days. I really need to set up my 800XL. I can't wait to type in BASIC code from books and magazines and relive those days as a kid when I spent an entire Saturday entering code and debugging. It took me an hour to enter a page worth of code from magazines as a kid.
  5. @LeeJ07 I had no idea. Thanks for sharing the context. That's very sad and at the same time a nice tribute.
  6. Yes, I think the filter I used to make the colors pop a little created the darkness. Here's a photo with no edits by me, and it's naturally lit from the window on the side. It is very difficult to tell whether something yellow or the original color. I have to stare at it pretty closely and intently to tell. Jesse, you did a great job of removing the yellowing. It looks great. I think the yellowing is more prominent in this photo (iPhone 6s Plus camera) than it actually is.
  7. Some recent pick-ups with the most notable one being the Intellivision 1 in the Super Video Arcade shell. Crossbow recently posted this for sale. All the games came from two visits to Pink Gorilla this month. It was cool seeing CIB Jaguar games. There was another one or two that I left in the store. If they're still there the next time I visit, I'll grab them. I now have three CIB Jaguar games (Tempest is the third one).
  8. 😮 that sounds epic 😆 I hope it works well
  9. Some seriously cool stuff! 👏 👍 ❤️ @RickR what's that little sword?
  10. Michael of Retrogameboyz has added a new product to his store. He has partnered with ikonsgr and created a keypad that encases the adapter. This eliminates the need to connect an OEM 5200 controller with the ikonsgr adapter. It's very elegant all around. https://retrogameboyz.com/products/atari-5200-db15-to-db9-adapter-with-keypad-sega-genesis-amiga-amstrad-commodore-joystick-pad?variant=39399140720695 image from the store:
  11. woah, now that is a hold-my-beer kind of score @Justin 👏👏
  12. 66,780 -- bit more respectible 🙂
  13. 17,690 I loved Mario Bros. in the arcades during the 80s ❤️ I've not played many NES games (one or two), but this one looks good and doesn't look like the typical NES game with its (odd to me?) color palette.
  14. A quick rant... I get that not everyone studied philosophy in college, but for goodness sakes, can we at least add Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure to high school curriculum? Today was one of those days that made me regret the email handle I chose for myself coming out of college that I continue to use today -- socrates63.


    I went to the University District in Seattle this morning to drop off my Kindle e-reader to trade in for a gift card and 20% coupon for a future Kindle purchase from Amazon. I was asked for my email address, and I said saw-kra-teez-63. It was apparent he was lost, so I spelled it out for him... three times... and he still couldn't get it right. Was he nervous because of my imposing Adonis physique? Finally, another guy jumped in to help. I knew I should have gone with "sixpak," my high school nickname 🤦‍♂️ At least no one said out loud SO-CRATES. I would have died if someone did.

    But while I was in the area, I walked over to Pink Gorilla and Al's Music, and pick up some goodies. I've always wanted to see The Black Hole, so I ordered a DVD copy when I got home. I don't collect Jaguar games, but when I find reasonably priced CIB copies, I don't mind adding them. I now have three 🙂 (Tempest is the other one I have).




    1. - Ω -
    2. nosweargamer


      I watched Bill & Ted in Junior High as a reward for doing well in academics. Does that count?


    3. socrates63


      @nosweargamer even better!

      I ordered the 3 movie collection Blu-ray to brush up on my history according to Bill & Ted.

  15. I know I saw a recent Transformers series on Netflix that was pretty dark. I haven't been keeping up, so I'm confused on what to watch. I hope there's an article out there that explains 🙂
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