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  1. So... who's the audience for this poll? Based on the title of the poll "Checking into the great TI User poll of 2021" it's for TI enthusiasts? EDIT: oh I see. This was posted in the TI forum. Duh
  2. OCD? Well, if it is, count me in πŸ™‚ Yes, controllers are very subjective, and I love having the right controller especially game-specific ones. I have a 4-way joystick made by Retrogameboyz to play Pac-Man and other games. I also have an all-button controller (I forget the brand name) for Asteroids, and it works great for Decathlon. I studied philosophy in college, so that's where the handle comes from.
  3. Rick, I hold the controller in my hands while playing, and I find it comfortable. I don't need to set it down on a surface. Initially, I was a little worried because it looks big and bulky. I found that it's not as big as it looks in the photo, and it's very light weight, and comfortably holding it in my hands during play was not an issue. He also makes a joystick in a smaller base. Although this one has two buttons, they're both button1 as it's marketed as a 2600 joystick. I'd think he could wire them up to be button1 and 2 for 7800 compatibility. Take a look. Michael Tarallo is the owne
  4. Back in the 80s and 90s, my favorite was the Wico Redball. I still have my original, one of the very few 80s items that I've managed to hold on to. I tried several others (Wico Bat stick, Wico Boss, Slik Stick, TAC-2, QuickShot, Kraft...) but none dethroned the Redball. I tried it again last year, but it has now been dethroned by 2600/7800 microswitch joysticks made by Retrogameboyz. Everything else feels mushy in comparison. It uses no-name parts, and the price reflects it, but I've had no issues so far (a year).
  5. @Airshack I completely agree that the native 5200 controllers are problematic on multiple levels. As clunky as the ikonsgr adapter is, it works very well, and I saw it as only a minor inconvenience that opened up a great console and its library. For sure, it is a barrier to entry into the world of the SuperSystem. Whether it great or minor hindrance is up to the individual's motivation πŸ™‚ @RickR I also thought about putting the ikonsgr adapter in a case and actually ordered two to have one as a spare (or for player 2). Good news is that a new controller alternative surfaced. After mu
  6. Loved playing Wing Commander on the PC. It was the game that finally got me to invest in a sound card (I went with the Sound Blaster over adLib). Looking back now, I can’t believe I played games with the internal speaker.
  7. πŸ‘ @nosweargamer πŸ‘ Archon was one of first games I played on my Atari 800. It was amazing as there was nothing like it.
  8. It was good πŸ™‚ I just never envisioned an angry Kool-Aid Man beforeβ€”always seemed a jovial type πŸ˜†
  9. Platform: multiple computers (I played on Atari 800) On a checkerboard, Light and Dark forces square off. Thanks, Anne, Jon, and Paul.
  10. Red, fill, cool, straw... reminds me of Kool-Aid Man but I'm pretty sure that that's not it.
  11. Not that I know anything about Lynx games, but even perusing through the list of Lynx games, I'm stumped. Thinking climbing walls might be a ninja thing to do, I looked up gameplay videos on Ninja Gaiden and wasn't sure about the sepia mood.
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