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  1. Nice! Dare I say, hidden gems? I haven't gotten into many racing games but the kart style and arcade racers are my favorite. The only sim style I got into was the original Gran Turismo.
  2. Me, too 🙂 The drawings are a very nice touch 👍 🎨 and really make it uniquely yours. I, on the other hand, am not very good about customizing things. Heck, I often don't even customize Windows or MacOS outside of maybe changing the default wallpaper. @Atari Creep the box giveth and taketh away 🤣🤣 Yes, I was very happy to have the MK cartridge. I also had to think long and hard about that Wii. You packed in a lot of awesome stuff!
  3. Nice! I saw your post on FB. But why is it classified as drinkware? Not quite as big as Target 🙂 but I have a few that stand out in my memories: Probably the most recent experiences were when Joe Decuir and Ed Fries replied to my posts on Facebook. As a kid, I was excited when Bob Polin responded with a personal letter to my letter about Blue Max that I mailed to Synapse. I wish I still had it. Around a similar time, I wrote a letter to Dragon Magazine about the need for an index of the content published in the magazine. My letter was published with a short editor reply. I can't recall which issue although it's likely somewhere in the #60-#100 issue range.
  4. @RickR awesome games on your list. Reading your post really makes me want to play them again. I haven't touched Star Raiders and KQ games for thirty years! Looong overdue to revisit those classics. I think I probably mentioned somewhere that I played Atari Adventure for the first time a few months ago.
  5. Me, too. I hadn't heard of Forgotten Worlds. I see that it's included in the Capcom Classics Collection. I really need to play my games. @DegasElite how did Crystal Castles affect your gaming tastes? What about it made it a game-changer for you?
  6. 120k?!? Dad still got game! 🖱️🕹️👏 This game kicks my booty
  7. I saw this posted in a Facebook group and loved the question: Can you name 3 or 4 games that have had a big influence on your gaming tastes, or your memories of playing games early in your life? My list is longer than 4 😜 and in no particular order: Space Invaders hooked me and made me a video gamer. Robotron 2084 made me love twin stick shooters. Doom made me an FPS fan. I've probably spent more time with this genre than any other. Final Fantasy 7 turned me into a JRPG fan. Previously, I hated the JRPG graphics style with the big headed scrunched characters and favored the more realistic graphics style of Western RPGs. Halo and Uncharted for story-driven action adventures. I love adventure games and games that tell great stories, but these games felt cinematic with action thrown in. 2600 action games (e.g., Demon Attack, Room of Doom, Mines of Minos...) recently helped me realize that I favor simple action games. WarCraft turned me on to RTS games. After WarCraft, I spent a lot of time with Age of Empires I and II. Empire by Interstel helped me to see the joy of turned based strategy games. However, I never found another one that grabbed me as much. I'm probably missing a couple games. What games shaped your gaming tastes?
  8. I thought the Star Trek magazine was for you @RickR because you're a Trekkie (my assumption based on your profile cover image)! I didn't think that you put it there. One item I particularly struggled with was the modded Wii as I've always wanted one (I have a Wii) and the bowling bag. I love Wii Sports and the bag was perfect! Alas, I don't have space for it. Notes on some of the stuff I put in and photos below: The iam8bit sticker went on the outside of the box. Pointmaster joystick was part of the lot where I picked up the heavy sixer a couple of months ago. Stuff that did not make it in the box: the ET lego (shown below), a larger set of LotR figures, an Atari 8-bit CIB game, a plushy, and some other stuff. The Alan Wake game with the MS employee store sticker -- that was purchased by me way back in the day, and 1845, that's my employee number on the sticker. I was going to buy another copy to send (since I recommended it to RickR in another thread ) but decided to put a more personal touch on it 🙂 Rick, feel free to sell or trade it -- I don't mean to imply anything.
  9. And the journey ends where it began!
  10. 45,407 A week's worth of effort netted me a whopping 5% improvement over my previous high score 🤣 I'm still stuck on the second maze. @nosweargamer putting up some monster numbers 🕹️👍 and showing who's boss!
  11. Sorry the loose 2600 cartridges weren't in better shape, Harry. I gave your list of 2600 games to a local gamer, and this is what he came back with. Price was very good though. You can upgrade to better condition ones later and trade or give these away later 🙂 If you ever visit Pink Gorilla, be sure to wear the beanie for a 20% discount on used games on Fridays. I believe the discount is 10% on all other days. My PG t-shirt has paid for itself a few times over. I'm glad to have passed on some goodies from the junk box. My eyes are too old for tiny screens and handhelds 🤣 so that Coleco went to you. Since you and I have yet to win a NSG card pack drawing, well, we now have our own 🙃 When I saw the PoP Christmas ornament, I thought about you and your tree, so I had to grab it. I haven't seen the movie either.
  12. I don't have any pets. I used to have a German Shepherd Dog back in the 90s. His passing was tough on the family, so we decided not to get another pet. It took me a year before I could look at the backyard without grieving. We still talk about him from time to time especially when we spot other GSDs. I love cats, dogs, and all animals. I regularly watch the Dodo channel and other animal videos on YouTube to get my fix. I hope to get a dog when I retire.
  13. 😮 3 inch cube of steel weighs 20 pounds?! That’s very cool, Rick. What is OSM?
  14. Hope everyone's Friday was a good one today.

    Today was my last official work day for HBO. After nearly two weeks of mentally and emotionally tossing and turning after being given the pink slip early last week, the end has come, and I am peaceful and content. I feel I will face the new week with a fresh mind and new perspective. God is good.

    1. RickR


      You are so right to count your blessings.  Work does not define a person, it's that soul and character inside that does.  I have no doubt you'll land on your feet. 

    2. HDN


      I believe you’ll be okay. I don’t have any advice for you about this, but I wish the best for you, Young.

  15. And you know all he needs is a soldering iron and duct tape.
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