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  1. I got laid off today, the first time in my career. When AT&T merged a bunch of companies (HBO, Turner, etc.) under the former Time Warner corp umbrella into a single entity WarnerMedia, we knew the new company would look to consolidate. It was a bit of a surprise given where I was situated organizationally, but a bunch of us were given pink slips. Because I got rolled up in a broad organizational move, it’s easy not to take this personally, so I’m glad for that. I had seen some friends struggle emotionally before. 

    My wife recently got a new job, and she’s still within the new employee benefits enrollment window, so at least I don’t have to worry about getting a new job quickly for health insurance reasons. For the first time, I won’t be the primary coverage member 🙂 Lots of new firsts.

    Before folks feel too sorry for me, I am in a good position. First, I am grateful for an extremely stable career experience so far. I’ve experienced my share of company re-org and changes and always landed into a great place. The fact that this is my first involuntary job change is quite the feat in a 23 year career. Second, I’m also grateful that we will be given a nice severance package to ease the transition into the next gig. Third, I’m in an industry that is very robust and still hiring. And lastly and most importantly, God is good, and He is the Shepherd of my life. In Him, I find peace and rest.

    I share this news here because I like the I/O community and wanted to open up more on a personal level to foster better relationships. Also, I’ll have more time to spend on the monthly challenge, so you have been warned 🕹🕹🤣🤣

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    2. socrates63


      @RickR I sent in my doctor's note and HR approved it a few weeks ago. The legal term is "accommodate." I just got reimbursed yesterday. It's an Uplift desk. Yep, bonus severance! 

      Yes, I got a pellet smoker by Traeger. My Weber charcoal grill was on its last legs, and I was planning to replace it next year. Recently, my wife and I were at Costco and Traeger reps were there with a couple of additional models that Costco normally doesn't carry. She gave the thumbs up, so we walked out with one ($500), and multiple people in the store commented to me that I would not regret the purchase. I'm planning to cook this year's turkey with it.

    3. RickR


      I really, really, really like mine (it's not a Traeger brand, but same design).  It's so easy to use (just plug it in).  No more messing with lighting.  And it's just about impossible to burn any food.  Once you get it set up, let me know what you think.  Or if you need any help or have questions.

      Chicken, especially, comes out perfect every time.  I always had trouble on our gas grill.  Chicken would come out dry.  But not on the pellet grill. 

      $500 is a great deal on that brand!



    4. socrates63


      Thanks, Rick. I do want to try it out a couple of times before doing the turkey. I'll try to remember to take some photos and share 🥩🍗

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