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  1. Ho ho ho 🎅🎄  We got our first snow ❄️ of the season! It looks like a few inches piled up in just a few short hours. And on that appropriate note, a local gamer with the permission of the creator put together a Genesis cartridge of the homebrew Mega Xmas '89. My cartridge arrived today.

    I think I have more homebrews and repros for my Genesis than official cartridges 😜 k-u-r-a-z-y

    The rom is available for free download from the creator's site. It works in all regions.



    1. RickR


      No snow here.  But we had heavy rain this week.  And that rain and cloud cover brought our temp up the 50's. 

      That Genesis game looks like fun.  Thank you for posting the link.  Maybe we should set up a mini high score contest with that game for this week.


    2. socrates63


      That's a fun idea @RickR

      By the way, the snow is all melted and gone -- disappeared as fast as it came.

    3. RickR


      I will find time to put that ROM file on my Genesis everdrive.  I also need to pull out my copy of 2600 "Stella's Stocking". 

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