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  1. Retro TV shows! Three months ago in early October 2020, I ordered these DVD sets from ebay. For a month, the tracking number indicated that USPS hadn't received the package from the seller. I believed the seller when she said that she did ship, but what can you do? After I waited a month, and without fuss, she gave me a refund. Today, out of the blue, they showed up in my mail box. I already bought them from another seller on ebay couple of months ago. These are in better condition than my other new and sealed sets. Anyone want to trade DVD box sets of old TV shows? 🙂 

    After re-acquiring a tube TV and appreciating how it does wonders with older games and media, I've re-embraced DVD content. Many old TV shows are only available on DVD, and I've purchased a several (Munsters, I Dream of Jeannie, Bionic Woman, 6M Dollar Man, My Living Doll, some Korean shows) during the past six months after holding out for Blu-ray releases. 


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    2. RickR


      The timing of this cracked me up because it matches your status in so many ways.  Look what came in the mail today!  It's from a youtube giveaway for Rick Nineg, who just hit 100k subscriptions.  The thing is...I watched the giveaway and I didn't win.  Now a few weeks later, this arrives.


      dansk 025.JPG

    3. socrates63


      Oh yes, Gilligan’s Island—it’s on my wishlist and probably the next TV series that I’ll buy. 
      You didn’t win, but it was still sent to you @RickR?

    4. RickR


      Correct.  Maybe he ended up with extra prizes or something.  Maybe he liked my first name.  Who knows?  It was very nice and I sure do appreciate it. 


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