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  1. Pluto TV

    Ever hear of it? I didn't until I applied for a job. It's an ad-supported free streaming service. I've been watching a lot of shows that I grew up with as a kid (Family Ties, Facts of Life, and more). This week, I started my new job as TPM for international. I'm working with folks to bring Pluto TV to markets outside the US. I'm working for the first time in seven months, so my head is spinning a bit.

    Recovering from heart surgery took a few months. I don't think I'm 100% but pretty close and certainly well enough now to work.


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    2. Marco1019


      We have it for Apple TV. There's a lot of content grouped neatly together. The ads will pop up during odd times while watching a movie so that will take some adjustment. I did read that several 1970-80s sitcoms were added recently.

    3. socrates63


      I haven't watched any movies yet and have stuck to watching to the classic channels. Today, I watched Love Boat for the first time since the 80s.

      As part of my onboarding, I watched some presentations and a couple mentioned that the ad load was the number one complaint from users -- 5 minutes of ads for 10 minutes of content. For someone like me who grew up with over the air free broadcast TV, this feels very natural. Broadcast TV shows also had 10 minutes of ads with 20 minutes of content for a 30 minute show.

      For the younger folks, like my kids who grew up with no ad interruptions, I can see how it can be noticeably bothersome. I still remember the first time my kids watched broadcast TV. They were very perturbed at the interruption caused by ads--hey, who changed the video!?! 😂

    4. nosweargamer


      I've used it a bunch. For awhile, I was totally into the Bob Barker Price is Right channel.


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