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  1. Loved playing Wing Commander on the PC. It was the game that finally got me to invest in a sound card (I went with the Sound Blaster over adLib). Looking back now, I can’t believe I played games with the internal speaker.
  2. 👏 @nosweargamer 👏 Archon was one of first games I played on my Atari 800. It was amazing as there was nothing like it.
  3. It was good 🙂 I just never envisioned an angry Kool-Aid Man before—always seemed a jovial type 😆
  4. Platform: multiple computers (I played on Atari 800) On a checkerboard, Light and Dark forces square off. Thanks, Anne, Jon, and Paul.
  5. Red, fill, cool, straw... reminds me of Kool-Aid Man but I'm pretty sure that that's not it.
  6. Not that I know anything about Lynx games, but even perusing through the list of Lynx games, I'm stumped. Thinking climbing walls might be a ninja thing to do, I looked up gameplay videos on Ninja Gaiden and wasn't sure about the sepia mood.
  7. Interesting! I guess Motown doesn’t permeate everything in Detroit like I had imagined or assumed.
  8. Correct @nosweargamer! I chose Room of Doom because I actually watched your review from a month ago this morning 🙂 It’s one of my favorite 2600 games.
  9. hints — 1) the publisher of this game only released six titles, 2) the game has an end/beatable
  10. Platform: Atari 2600 Trapped! Can you escape? Fiendish gunmen and portholes Gauntlet of chambers
  11. Thank you, Phil and Harry, for the enlightenment!
  12. @HDN can you educate the NES ignorant on what your SM2 haiku is describing?
  13. Haha, I thought it was H.E.R.O. and had been scratching my head about a Vic-20 release.
  14. Yes! It’s probably my number one Atari 2600 game and 2600 version looks way better than the 5200 version in my opinion.
  15. Platform: multiple Dodge from beam to beam The onslaught of aliens Ninety-nine sectors
  16. Nice, Harry! ❤️❤️ 5200 Reading the entire thread has been an awesome read this morning.
  17. Since I never used BB outside of renting video tapes, I had no idea how much of a player Blockbusters was in video game retail. It’s very impressive that EA built a retailer exclusive release.
  18. Answer in the form of a ❓Alex Trebek would be proud 👍
  19. Hello, I/O!

    I wanted to provide a quick personal update. I suffered a big heart attack and had open heart surgery on Wednesday last week. I was discharged and returned home yesterday. I’ve missed the I/O community. I hope everyone is well. I am on the road to recovery and doing as well as can be. Life is good. God is good all the time.

    The doctor said I should expect 70% recovery by two months time, so it’ll still be a while before I can actively join the fun here, I suspect. I’m hoping that I’ll be feeling well enough to pop in from time to time to check up on this wonderful community. I bought a Turbo Express a while back in anticipation of the scoring challenge but oh well 😭

    Live life! Stay strong and safe! ❤️🕹

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    2. Justin


      Oh my gosh @socrates63 I'm glad you're still with us! Take your time with your recovery, we will still be here and plenty more TurboGrafx Squad Challenges in to come in the future! We'll keep you in our thoughts and prayers and we're here if you need anything.

    3. nosweargamer


      Prayers for a quick & full recovery @socrates63!

      You didn't realize it, bought you bought the TG Express to play while recovering in bed!

    4. Justin


      Yep! @socrates63 we'll be playing a HuCard / TurboChip game for our next Squad Challenge, so if you have it, it should be playable on your TurboExpress! 🙂

  20. I've been pretty quiet in the I/O lately because I came down with COVID-19. My wife came down with symptoms over a week ago (got tested and confirmed) and a couple of days later, I started experiencing symptoms. A few days after me, my elder son became symptomatic and a couple of days later, the younger son became symptomatic.

    It's a day to day thing -- some days are worse than others. Hopefully, things will be much better for me after this week. My wife was feeling very good today, so hopefully, she's on the mends. Lots of body aches and low grade fever.

    Gaming wise, I haven't been able to play much if at all. However, I've watched a lot of Star Trek while resting.

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    2. HDN


      Prayers for you and your family. 

    3. nosweargamer


      Praying for a quick & full recovery for all of you!

      And enjoy all the Trek!


    4. DegasElite


      Well, hoping for a speedy recovery for you and your family. It can't be fun. But, hope you feel better quickly.

  21. That's amazing stuff, Rocky! While I do not plan to re-acquire a 520ST although I had one back in the day, I wouldn't mind putting this paper model together for the shelf. I don't suppose you have any intentions of selling prints?
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