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  1. "Most of you will not make it to the finish line. Many of you will not even qualify." 😂🤣 this is so funny! Well, I may be crying real tears later, but still, I found it hilarious. 🏁 best of luck, y'all
  2. Gold Leader standing by. 

    I’ve been waiting practically all my life to say this 🤣 Tonight, I’m chaperoning our high school senior graduation night party (9:15pm to 5:15am) as it is tradition for the junior class parents to chaperone the party. And I’m chaperoning the gold charter bus. 



    1. RickR


      Remember, there must be room for the spirit of the lord between all hips.  That is your mission, Gold Leader.  May the Force be with you. 


  3. Yes! You got it, RP. Was there a better tool for learning the names of the planets in our solar system?
  4. I loved Front Line as a kid and popped in a few quarters. The graphical design was cute. Your soldier reminded me of a paper doll (for those old enough to remember those 🙃).
  5. Hey, Harry! Good to see you. It's been quite the roller coaster ride in my life since November last year. Things are stable now, and I'm just now trying re-build normalcy and routine back into my life. I randomly dropped in here on the I/O during the past few months when I felt able, but I'm looking to ease back in on a regular cadence. I look forward to the I/O fun.
  6. ☝️this -- being an only child and all my friends after 7th grade not being into video games and board games, having a computer opponent was the reason I played the video games. Having said that, I mostly dabbled with chess games. I do remember playing the video game version of Yahtzee and that was fun. As for the 2600 versions, I haven't played any. I do find it fascinating that the 2600 can play chess and would like to check that out. I'll have to check some out on the GameBoy as well. I recently re-acquired the OG GameBoy.
  7. What about @RickR's answer? I got my money down on his answer -- Gato.
  8. Ghostbusters? Edit: No, that's not it... but these snippets just play with my 🧠! I mean, they look so familiar lol
  9. Correct! As a I mentioned before, I am a fan of Synapse games. I haven't played Necromancer for more than thirty years, but what I remember most fondly is the game music.
  10. That looks like a backgammon board, so it must be Backgammon.
  11. Yes, Shamus and his throwing knifes! I love Synapse games, and Shamus was one of the first two or three Atari games that I bought.
  12. Staying with Atari 8-bit. This is from one of my favorite publishers.
  13. Forbidden Forest? And the bigger question... did Cosmi ever make anything good for the Atari? I always loved the art and images on the packaging. I can't remember which ones, but I bought a couple of Cosmi games back in the day, and they were horrible. I think even back then that their prices were in line with budget titles. I could be wrong about that.
  14. Probably not as cutting edge of a rocker as when he started out, but many of today's Korean rockers stand on YB's shoulders. He has become very successful and enjoys mainstream appeal in Korea. He has released English version of this particular popular song which I believe should be the anthem of any new generation of young people growing up in this world. It looks like it even got included in a Rocksmith release.
  15. I'm a big fan of the 2600 homebrew Juno First, and it has a killer rockin' catchy title screen music--the best 2600 music that I've heard. Give it a listen.
  16. So... who's the audience for this poll? Based on the title of the poll "Checking into the great TI User poll of 2021" it's for TI enthusiasts? EDIT: oh I see. This was posted in the TI forum. Duh
  17. @Airshack I completely agree that the native 5200 controllers are problematic on multiple levels. As clunky as the ikonsgr adapter is, it works very well, and I saw it as only a minor inconvenience that opened up a great console and its library. For sure, it is a barrier to entry into the world of the SuperSystem. Whether it great or minor hindrance is up to the individual's motivation 🙂 @RickR I also thought about putting the ikonsgr adapter in a case and actually ordered two to have one as a spare (or for player 2). Good news is that a new controller alternative surfaced. After mu
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