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  1. What's everyone's opinion on this game. I just picked it up I've never played it before. 


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    2. Atari 5200 Guy

      Atari 5200 Guy

      Never played it on the 2600.

    3. DegasElite


      I have the A2600 version of GORF. It is slow firing, but I think it's a cool game. It has four levels, and they are kind of like Galaxian, Space Invaders, and Tempest. Then, in Level 4, you fight the Flag Ship. HDN is right about the slow firing mechanism, but it's OK. I think that you might like it. It is very close to the arcade version in layout.

    4. HDN


      You know, I have changed my mind on GORF ever since @chas10e sent me a surprise copy in October! I now think that it's a pretty cool game on the 2600. While I still have a few gripes with it, I have come to enjoy it for what it is and have been playing it a bit recently. The missile-cancelling actually comes in handy in the third and fourth stages, which I don't think I have ever had the patience to get to before I got my cartridge. I know they couldn't implement it because of rights issues, but I would be really curious to see how they would have put in the Galaxians stage seen in the arcade. My guess is that it would be cut from the port regardless of rights issues.

      The weird thing about this port, to me at least, is that the ship is multi-colored. Why is that weird, you ask? Because in the 5200 version, it's solid! How strange is that; the "improved version" has worse graphics in that regard? Still looks like a better version of the game, though.

      Another interesting thing of note are the assets in the game. The arcade GORF reused assets from both Galaxian (for the enemies and the spaceship) and Space Invaders (aliens). Atari released versions of both games on the 2600 as well, and it's pretty cool to see how they compare to their GORF equivalents on the system. The Galaxip is multicolored in CBS's game and just solid white in Atari's Galaxian port. The invaders in GORF are also closer to Nishikado's arcade sprites. However, I think both Space Invaders and Galaxian on the 2600 are better than GORF.

      This is an interesting game, and one I've warmed up to. Always remember to give games a second try. You might just like them more than you used to.

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