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  1. Here's my entry into the High Score Squad Challenge for Q*bert! There's no score really worth mentioning, but it was fun, and I did another CRT/OG versus Emulation comparison. 👍
  2. Thanks, RickR! And thanks also for subscribing! FYI: Early on, I did quite a few Atari VCS reviews, and I'm sure that I'll do more in the future.👍
  3. Agreed, 100%! Once you get the niche down as to how immediately get that extra ball/bonus multiplier, which is basically the same nudge technique that you'll use when you're spamming the bonus lane, you could concievably get whatever score you want, depending on how long you want to play! 👍
  4. I made my Demon Attack video a little late for the contest, so I didn't post it here, but I've compared emulation to OG Hardware again for this Video Pinball challenge.....and let's just say, there is NO comparison between the two... 1,413,706
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