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  1. To try and find a 2600 and game library (been a pretty bad time and had to sell some things)
  2. Happy Atari and turkey day everyone! Will play some circus Atari and super breakout today.
  3. Sorry it took so long to respond. I might have a line on the supplemental overlays, I corresponded with the seller on Facebook and eBay with no luck, nice person but wasn’t interested in doing anything special for me and that’s okay..kind of hard to play some of the games without them!
  4. I’m interested in buying the remaining 50 (I think it’s 50) flashback overlays. BlueSkyRangers are selling them on eBay for 20 bucks but I can’t get through checkout..I’ve called eBay and my card provider..I can buy anything on eBay except this listing, seriously frustrated. But if there’s a chance someone here has an extra set I’ll gladly pay for shipping. Thank you!
  5. Thank you for the kind words everyone! Definitely appreciated🙏 Yep, grew up on the west side in the Manistee area, a few blocks from the Lake Michigan channel. Other than being in the navy and some travel I’ve been around the northern part of the state.
  6. Hello everyone! I heard about this forum of Atari and retro gaming fans from The Atari Creeps YouTube channel. I tend to put things off (definitely not one of my favorite traits) but finally registered and look forward to digging into the forum! Ain’t afraid to say I’m 51 y/o, and grew up on what’s now considered “trendy”, and that’s classic video gaming! I know Chris aka The Atari Creep mentions the high score challenges here, and I definitely wanna get in on that! Don’t know if there’s a marketplace here, but interested in checking that out too! Anyhow guys, I look forward to meeting you as
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