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  1. Off and on, I'm always gathering a little info or something and moving forward a little bit -- Covid-19 now is making things hard on everyone nowadays, it seems. 😞😞 We are shutdown and sheltered in place until further notice here... Our Covid-19 cases are soaring every day, getting worse all the time! 😞😞
  2. It may here, in some neat form in the future, you know. P.S. I was just giving you a hard time, man. P.S.S. Would you like some code? 😄😄
  3. Been working on that very subject since 2010/2012, you know. Making some progress... 🙂🙂. Some progress is better than none at all, man! 😄 Do you have your allotted amount of code finished to turn in yet? Are you ready for even more code to review and edit now? 😄 Keep wishing, man. Wishes DO come true, DegasElite. Just concentrate...
  4. Yeah, GD-ROM sort of dealt with Windows CE and stuff, from what I remember now. The Dreamcast was neat, I got one at Launch on 9/9/99. 🥰🥰
  5. Well, the 25 Discs (26 if you include the Soundtrack Disc) and the Source Code, several MBs of that I have too, it amounts to a bit of weight, and a bit of a pile to look over and widen your eyes with. 😄😄 Most wouldn't believe that they were looking at $3-5 million dollars wasted and a lot of blood, sweat, tears and sleepless nights just thrown away by four upper level people in a company... Really and truly a really sorry sad state of affairs there, you know. It kind of pisses off an old Jaguar fan too!! Just what all did they really throw away in the trash? Did they care? Did they even know? The Black Ice Team really did know and care!!! 😄😄😞😞
  6. Oh wow, I would guess that is a "very light" figure, in all real and true honesty, DegasElite. 😄😄. Not sure how to calculate that with 20GB of raw JagCD code! 😄 It isn't "actually" JagCD code, as such, you know, though. 🙂🙂. It is in a different format than that now, from what I understand about it. 🙂 Thank you for the welcome to the Site, DegasElite.
  7. Yes, they were Recordable CDs, you know. That wasn't in the mainstream of tech on the consumer level yet even for PCs or Notebooks really. "That's Video 700MB CDs", have seen them all myself. Made In Japan. 🙂🙂 I was told, that Atari paid $7.50ea for those back in 1994/1995. 🙂
  8. B.J. West was a Graphic Artist on it and not the Lead Programmer or anything. Ken Rose was that along with Pradip. B.J. West did come up with the ideas for The Chaos Agenda/Black Ice\White Noise though. And much of the Art in the game. B.J. only has a small portion of the game, you know. There are 25 different Revision Discs to the whole game, each one a different "build", you know. Plus, some Source Code and a Soundtrack Disc, too. 🙂🙂 I have seen all of it in person myself. Quite a lot of it to look at and be in awe of and to even still exist after being thrown in a Dumpster as complete junk! Truly, truly sad crap. 😞😞😞😞
  9. I haven't heard it was that high. Lots of conjecture and rumors though on it. Many people would love to get it or find the code that is left to see. 🙂🙂
  10. Yeah, it amounts to 25 or 26 (27?) Recordable CDs that still exist, it seems. I understand, Atari paid $7.50ea for the CDs back then. 🙂🙂
  11. No. There are many ISO 9560 Files for this that exist, I guess. I am told, that it is raw code and it amounts to some 20GB in the uncompressed state it is in now and being unencrypted. Years ago, Curt Vendel ended up with everything that still survived of this rather ambitious Atari project -- Atari had spent between $3 and 5 million dollars getting it to the 30% completion state in ended up at (was it is a higher percentage? ). The last day of production on this was, Sept 7th 1995, I believe. The Black Ice Team was disbanded and the project was abandoned that day. All materials were trashed or auctioned off by Jack/Sam Tramiel/the famous ( infamous? ) Don Thomas Actions of 1996, I understand. The HDDs and everything just disappeared to it and were lost, it seems. The HDDs have never been found and Curt did not seem to have them. None of the Team was allowed to keep anything from the project by Leonard or Atari Security when they each left and everything halted. Little of the project still survives nowadays, you know. The sands of time have claimed everything else that existed and it has been lost, it seems... Really sad. 😞😞😞😞
  12. Yeah, there is quite a bit of code around for it, I guess. 9560, I believe.
  13. Yes, I know, man. Many a day and night of button mashing for me with my Lynxes. Lol
  14. Yes, I have one just like that myself.
  15. Yes, I have all of the A.P.E. (Atari Portable Entertainment/Atari Power Entertainment) Newsletters. Also, have The Lynx Newsletter, as well. There was also Color Hands and Portable Gaming News, I believe. 🙂🙂
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