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  1. New member here, first post! just tested positive for the Covid 19 today (front line healthcare worker so it was bound to happen!) and am just starting my ten day quarantine. . . which hopefully means lots of retro gaming for me! I collect for the VCS, 7800, Odyssey II and Intellivision. . . but I'm mainly a VCS guy. Been on the hunt since starting college so a good twenty years or so. I'm currently at 395 different games in my 2600 collection. My rarest so far (not including repros like Red Sea Crossing, Gamma Attack, Answer Soft's Gauntlet, etc.) would be: Frankenstein's Monster, Time Warp, Demolition Herby (color label), Motocross Racer, Space Master X-7, H.E.R.O., Montezuma's Revenge, Mr. Chin (Dishaster), Rubik's Cube, Stargunner, UFO (Condor Attack), Mr. Do's Castle, Gremlins, Star Wars Arcade, Death Trap, Up N' Down, Tomarc The Barbarian, Cosmic Corridor, River Raid II, Polaris (green label), Robin Hood/Sir Lancelot. . . some of those weren't so rare when I first got them; Frankenstein's Monster was all of two bucks when I got it from a used game store in Traverse City some ten years ago (along with many other gems)! all time favorite is plain old Adventure and I've collected many of it's hacks and similar games like Epic Adventure and Misadventures Revisited. So hard to find something in the wild that I don't already have but I still always look! I consider an on cart repro of LOTR: Journey To Rivendell to be a holy grail as I've yet to find someone who can make one. . . of course Quadrun, Chase The Chuckwagon, Glacier Patrol and all the other usual suspects are up there as well! anyways just thought I'd share and happy hunting!
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