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  1. New Review!
    Alpha Race from Good Deal Games
    This sequel to Omega Race finally adds a racing element to a game with "Race" in the title. Genius!


  2. Putt 18 Miniature Golf: 

    "I don't know if it succeeds as a putt putt video game, but it did make me laugh out loud several times watching the @#!$ on the screen go crazy."



  3. I'm off shooting goofy horror/comedies this weekend (except for Sunday), so I decided to catch up on the Atari 7800 Forever workload with some corrections and re-reviews from the old site. I hope you enjoy! When I get all of the original 57 (or 59) written I will start doing video reviews of all of these games. 


    GoSub Review Scores Amended


    robotfindskitten Reviewed


    Winter Games Reviewed


    Title Match Pro Wrestling Reviewed


    Top 10 Weirdest Messages I Could Stand to Find in robotfindkitten




  4. Ive been making our second horror/comedy movie this last month in the Smoky Mountain Chronicles series, and this weekend I have off, so I wanted to do a bunch of Atari 7800 articles that I have back logged for www.Atari7800Forever.com before I get busy for the next month while we finish it.


    I already posted about this featurette about Muddyfunsters games, but its worth a second mention. Plus there's a graphic from one of his games with my name on it, so I wanted to brag:



    I reviewed Space Duel after playing the arcade version and the 7800 version for an hour on break this week



    I look into getting into the backstory about that mysterious Atari Championship title belt I was gifted last month. I was given a wrestling belt years ago, and it ended up being very valuable. Can lightning strike twice?



    Thanks for giving a crap, 


    The Funk 


    1. socrates63


      Muddyfunster's work on Tyre Trax looked phenomenal and his 7800 efforts look equally impressive. I'm especially excited by the title screen of Danger Zone--it recalls everything that was cool about Top Gun.

      Thanks for keeping 7800 journalism alive, Funk!

  5. The British Are Coming!
    Muddyfunster Invades the Atari 7800 Programming Scene!


  6. Dragon's Cache is a "Stuff is Falling" puzzle game homebrew by Revontuli... which is the first of three different Dragon themed games for the Atari 7800 he is conjuring up. This guy is nuts, but his games are on point.


    Check out the review:



  7. Good Knight and Good Luck

    Oh the Puns...

    A programmer from Chile has popped onto the Atari 7800 scene with a trilogy of upcoming Knight Games... well... 2 games about Knights and one about a very special roach. 2 out of 3 ain't bad, is it? Whatever the case, click the link and get hip on Vlad Zuniga's new platform adventure/ one player board game RPG/ and his upcoming SHUMP for the Prosystem.




  8. A long lost interview between my site's old collaborator John K Harvey and Ninja Golf/ Klax PIMP David Dentt. A great little little interview about the game programmer that signs his autographs in Mothr funkin' GOLD. 



  9. Have you ever wondered what a ranked list of Atari 7800 space ships based on looks alone would look like? If so, you are probably certifiably crazy... but we could probably be friends. Regardless, click the link! Its time for a SPACESHIP FASHION SHOW!


  10. Today we review ole Bobby D's take on Cinematronics ancient vector game "RIP OFF"

    Your wife makes a friggin sweet Nacho Del Grande platter. Her Nachos are so tasty in fact, that you pridefully lay them out for your neighbors to see. Foolish boy. You live in a crappy part of town, but who knew your neighbors were pirates who have a sh*t ton of tanks at their disposal? Text your cooky best friend who lives next door, tell him to grab his tank... because those bastards are coming for your Super Bowl snacks and they hate hatred in their eyes and growling in their guts.



  11. Resurrecting a review with the WAY BACK MACHINE from the old site, and polishing it up with all of this lovely 2021 "wokeness" and bitchiness, we dive into the age old question... do you prefer Commando (shirts) or Ikari Warriors (skins) in this vertical scrolling, testosterone slurping, explosion inducing review of IK. FOR ONE OR TWO PLAYERS (player two not included)





  12. I've heard a lot of jabrones, tricks, pimps, skeezers, furries, bad guys, gnomes and dorks say that Rikki & Vikki was one of the most impressive games ever made for the Atari 7800.


    As a guy that has reviewed 100+ games for the 7800, I'm not easily impressed. Let's see what the Funk thought on his weekend excursion to Misery Land. 



    1. Sabertooth


      Excellent write-up of the game @Funkmaster V

      It's a shame that the sell through of the first 550 was so slow. I would love to see more from titles from PenguiNet on the 7800. Their game Zaku for Lynx is also top notch! 

    2. Funkmaster V

      Funkmaster V

      I dont know how good a run of 7800 games 550 sales really is. Is that high or low? That's about $33,000... but still probably not worth it after labor, parts and taxes. 

      I hate it that no one can pick up a copy and the music is so huge and on a funky chip that emulation is not possible. You can buy it on steam, however, at a fraction of the cost.

      Thanks for the compliment. Whoever these guys are- they make great games. I hope they come back.

  13. For International Women's Day: Millie and Molly---- a review

    Two old ladies tougher than you save the world while wearing granny dresses and cameos. MK Smith and his international motely crew of programming pal brings us a much needed Boulderdash/ Lode Runner/ Crystal Mines 2 style all original platform-puzzler to the library, and it comes with unbelievable surprises.  




  14. Klax is one weird "stuff is falling" puzzle game with one of the strangest (lamest) tag lines in history: It's is the nineties, and there is time for KLAX."

    But this cerebral puzzle game was a completed, unreleased prototype that is pretty darn faithful to the arcade machine its based on. Read about all this jive in the review located:



    1. Justin


      Hands down one of my favorite and most fun unreleased original Atari 7800 games! 👌

  15. To the uninitiated, Baby Pac Man sounds like another derivative Maze Game that most people wouldn't want or need. But once you crack it open, you'll find a compelling hybrid maze/ pinball game where one has to master both to progress far. On a system that is king for maze games, this one may be the ultimate ruler of them all. Click the link for the review




    1. Justin


      I love that Pinball screen!

  16. Hobby programmers and their after market creations have vastly improved the Platform scene in the Atari 7800 universe in recent years. Now that there's a good sample size, you may ask, what are the top 10 levels of the 7800's platform games? Even if you didn't ask... I'll offer my opinion here: http://www.atari7800forever.com/toptenplatformlevels.html


    1. Justin


      Mario Bros. Phase 8 is definitely an all-time favorite for me :nintendo_mario_coin::nintendo_mario_coin::nintendo_mario_coin:

  17. Asteroids Deluxe not only sounds like it comes with all the veggies, cheese and possibly bacon, its probably the best game in the space rock family.


  18. Tonight, Atari 7800 Forever takes a look at the unfinished Tetris clone: Blocdrop! http://www.atari7800forever.com/blocdrop.html


    1. Justin


      Very cool!! 

  19. The Ultimate Look at the Atari Ultimate Fight Stick w/ Trackball
    Funkmaster V from www.Atari7800Forever.com goes funk deep into the Atari Dual Fight Stick with Trackball (Trac Ball) with an Atari 7800 slant. This in depth video breaks down the good, the bad, and the ugly with the interesting DIY emulator from Micro Center in a massive 90 minute video. 



  20. The Atari 7800 has lived a long azz time without a proper multicart, and now... in 2020-2021... there are two that have popped up on the scene and both look very compelling. One is the Concerto cart, but the one we will get into today is the Dragonfly.



  21. Wheeze about to get nasty over at Atari 7800 Forever.com, cause we are diving head first into the guts of Hearty Manslapper. HMS is an odd one from the Atari 7800's resident homebrew B movie film director: Frankodragon... try mixing 1 part Martin Short's "Inner Space", 1 part independent college film project, 1 part Salvador Dali painting, 1 part internet argument and 5 parts bag full of guts. If you were one of the snow flakes that got all offended at my Hat Trick review, holy Toledo... stay far away from this one. (It contains the word sphincter) 

    The review lives here:


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