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  1. I've heard a lot of jabrones, tricks, pimps, skeezers, furries, bad guys, gnomes and dorks say that Rikki & Vikki was one of the most impressive games ever made for the Atari 7800.


    As a guy that has reviewed 100+ games for the 7800, I'm not easily impressed. Let's see what the Funk thought on his weekend excursion to Misery Land. 



    1. intellicolecovisonary


      There can only be 550 jabrones, tricks, pimps, skeezers, furries, bad guys, gnomes and dorks out there since The Atari 7800 ProSystem version of Rikki & Vikki ceased production on November 6, 2020 after shipping only 550 units. The rest of us may never know how good the game might be.

    2. Sabertooth


      Excellent write-up of the game @Funkmaster V

      It's a shame that the sell through of the first 550 was so slow. I would love to see more from titles from PenguiNet on the 7800. Their game Zaku for Lynx is also top notch! 

    3. Funkmaster V

      Funkmaster V

      I dont know how good a run of 7800 games 550 sales really is. Is that high or low? That's about $33,000... but still probably not worth it after labor, parts and taxes. 

      I hate it that no one can pick up a copy and the music is so huge and on a funky chip that emulation is not possible. You can buy it on steam, however, at a fraction of the cost.

      Thanks for the compliment. Whoever these guys are- they make great games. I hope they come back.

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