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  1. I have four Intellivision games that are still in their original boxes and have never been played. They were a gift in 1983/1984 from a family member who did not know the difference, and I only have an Atari 2600. The plastic wrap was removed because I was too young to know the difference also. Intellivision: (Cartridge/Box/Inserts Incl.) 1. Armor Battle 2. Atlantis 3. Space Armada 4. Space Hawk I am looking for any of these ten Atari 2600 games. Must work, but boxes are optional. You may suggest other obscure titles, but more common games are a 1 for 1 trade. Atari 2600: 1. Custer’s Revenge (1 For All 4.) 2. Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1 For All 4.) 3. Halloween (1 For All 4) 4. Princess Rescue (1 For All 4) 5. Zippy The Porcupine (For 2 Out of 4) 6. H.E.R.O. (For 2 Out Of 4) 7. Spy Hunter (For 2 Out Of 4) / (& Keypad) (For 3 Out Of 4) / (New In Box) (1 for All 4) 8. Private Eye (& Manual) (For 2 Out Of 4) 9. River Raid (& Manual) (For 2 Out Of 4) 10. Pitfall (New In Box) (For 2 Out Of 4) * Private Eye / River Raid / Pitfall / Skate Boardin’ / Summer Games / Ice Hockey / Dark Chamber / Sprint Master / Keystone Kapers / Circus Atari / Star Wars Empire / Missile Command / Superman / Popeye / Q-Bert / Joust / Donkey Kong / Mario Bros. * (More common games are 1 for 1 trade, but I will not include the original boxes.)
  2. I don't have a lot of dough to spend on it, but if you have a "Spy Hunter" for the Atari 2600, would love to talk purchase for $20.00 or maybe a three-for-one trade.
  3. Some billionaire ass dude just bid like $149.99 for "Custer's Revenge", so I'm down for a "Spy Hunter"/"H.E.R.O" combo, which should come out as just under $100.00. "Spy Hunter" was a "to kill for" title when I was a teenager, probably because it resembled "Miami Vice". I never heard of "H.E.R.O." until I ran into your review on a drunken stupor.... If "Tax Avoiders" is my most "rare" 2600 title when I am 70, that would really suck Donkey Kong balls. Especially since anybody who bought that crap game in the 1980's (and not second-hand) probably got it for $4.99 on clearance at Lionel Playworld. I had the option to either buy Star Wars "Yak Face" on clearance (Lionel Playworld in Miami imported toys from Brazil) or "T.A." for my $5.00 allowance.
  4. I haven’t won one of these types of sweepstakes since about the decade I called in to the radio station with the correct song, circa the same time I played with my 2600 as a teenager. Since I already ordered my favorite game, “Pitfall II: Lost Caverns”, and since I doubt the Atari 2600 version of “Polybius” will ever resurface, I looked up on eBay what titles were just under $100.00. Coming first at a whopping $99.99 is: “Custer’s Revenge”. I will preserve this title for generations, as evidence of the continuous and awful dehumanization of Native American culture.
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