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  1. It has been a while since I sent feedback to Ferg. I always felt I was just repeating what others were saying. So until I feel like I have something to really add, I have been keeping quiet. I do love how these shows let the listeners add feedback and we get to hear all the differing opinions about games and maybe see them a little different in the end.
  2. I know I have been wanting one. I went to their website and sent a message for them to let me know if they decide to produce more. I have not heard anything yet. It has been a while since I did that.
  3. I saw the video Willie did a while back. It did look fun and reminded me of playing Street Racer when I was young. I also had the Tomy Digital Derby and now own 2 different model number versions and a couple of extra for parts. They are notorious for a small plastic part breaking where the timer stops. I am looking for a permanent repair but have not seen anything yet. I loved playing those old Tomy games and had others they sold.
  4. Once I got the laptop going, it also went smoothly for me with Chrome. I think it might have been two hours after sales started for me. I did get a Collectors version as I play on both original hardware and sometimes though emulation. I agree with you about the deluxe edition. It would have been nice, but where to store all those other items in the limited space I already have.
  5. Thank you for letting me know about this other option for upgrade. I will check them both out and see if one seems doable for me and then make my decision.
  6. I am thinking about the McWill screen. I did buy one Lynx cheap that has one bad pixel, so I do have one to use. Not sure if I want to send it off or try and do it myself. I am okay with a soldering iron, and have modded a 2600 and 7800, but when you get to surface mounted technology, it can be so much trickier.
  7. Talking about the big freeze. We lost power for 30 hours straight just East of Dallas. The temperature before the power came back on just dipped below 40 degrees in the house. MY house was built in the 70's and we replaced the original windows a few years ago, so that helped. Also had hot food to eat thankfully, but it sure felt weird outside in the snow grilling hamburgers and other items, but it was worth it.
  8. I also had issues with my iPad. I think it did say something about tablets maybe not working so well on a description somewhere. Had to get the laptop out and got my order in. I saw the reveal on Twitch Friday and it looks really fun. It was great listening to them all talking about how this came about. Someone asked if Steve Cartwright and others might come back and program and all they said that there is discussions with others about coming back but no names were mentioned. I also liked how they never said they were making homebrews as they are a company making games for the older systems and not someone working at home when they can. Someone suggested calling them Pro-Brews. As they sometimes say "Everything old is new again"
  9. Guess we will find out in February if there are other major changes. Love how they want to be the premier auction site but are making it harder to use the site for sellers. My guess is they might be doing it to help fight against scamming sellers by making a little harder to become a seller.
  10. A question on this. Will they still be accepting payments from buyers by PayPal? I feel safer making purchases by PayPal instead of credit card or bank withdrawal as I feel there is some protection from fraud that way.
  11. Since everyone is either doing videos or pictures I decided I needed to do the same so here are my pictures of my names.
  12. I posted this on the AtariCreep’s discord after I saw his video, but I will also post it here. I did my name with all 2600 games I owned the first time around when I owned the 2600 brand new in the early 80’s. I did both my real name and my name on here. R-Raiders of the Los Ark. J-Joust O-Outlaw. I-Ice Hockey C-Carnival. M-M*A*S*H K-kaboom! M-Mountain King E-E.T. the Extra-terrestrial. Y-Yar’s Revenge R-Reactor This was fun looking at and everyone of the games was a favorite growing up. I am so glad I did not have to choose games that were not really my favorites. It was a good representation of the type of games I love to this day.
  13. Some iconic themes I remember growing up was Hill Streets Blues and the Twilight Zone, and during the summers when I would veg out in front of the TV was Hogan's Heroes, The Munsters, and Get Smart. if I find videos, I will post them later.
  14. This was probably my favorite theme growing up. I remember running home from school everyday because we got out around 3 and it started at 3:30. it was over a mile to school, but I always made it just in time. Battle of the Planets was on at 3 and during the summer I could catch both here on Channel 11 in Dallas.
  15. I have a PS3 and some of the games I love to play and the kids love to play with me are the LEGO series games. Start out with Lego Star Wars as it will give you the feel of how the others games work and add to the controls.
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